Fantastic 1980s motion graphics of movie and TV production logos


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Hooray for Cannon being first. The best and the worst of 1980’s cinema right there.
And if you haven’t seen the documentary about them yet you should.



The ultimate 1980s opener

As a kid I would watch HBO just to watch this over and over again.


Whenever I saw the Orion logo I always read it as, “There will be nudity.”


One of my favorites was the production logo for Lisberger Studios, only used before Animalympics, and the inspiration for Steve Lisberger’s second movie, TRON.


You’ve probably seen it, but the mini-documentary about how they made the intro is amazing. Zero CG. All 80s in-camera tricks.


I didn’t think I could get any more impressed by the size and level of detail of the miniature world…created solely for an intro. That is just incredible.


When I first saw this, after being knocked out by the sheer craft and detail put into the little city they built, I kept thinking “sure, but obviously the streaming lights inside the O were early CG, right? I mean, how else could they do that?”

HBO: “oh yeah, we stuck some LEDs to a stick and swung it in front of the camera, and it made streaming light stripes. What, you’d waste time doing this with a computer??”


Meh. That’s nothing. Those are animation stand graphics.

We rendered THIS on a CRAY-1, baby!


The best in terms of imagery and music - Tristar from 1984. So many good memories associated with this logo…


Wow–thanks for that one, definitely one of my favorites as well. I always thought of the ‘O’ at the end as a movie screen of sorts, and then I’d wonder: that thing is floating in space…wouldn’t it be freezing in there!!!


I could hear the music in my head before I even started the video :smiley:


I still think of this logo as “the Muppet logo”, as I was too young for most other Tri-Star movies and associate it with Muppets Take Manhattan and Labyrinth.


Cause at the time it was expensive and time consuming compared to the just doing it old school.


Oh, absolutely, that’s what I meant. We’re so used to falling back on CG these days that it’s easy to forget how simple and effective the old-school camera tricks were. The other great example is the dazzling starburst effect they used, which was just two photo negatives of starburst lines sandwiched together and moved back and forth while light shone behind them. Very simple, looks great.


And now we can make whole videos of painterly rotoscoping with a smartphone and think nothing of it when it really is amazing and fantastic.


Brings back memories.


came to post this. good looking out, ficus.

who remembers this one?

agreed, good choice.[quote=“nungesser, post:14, topic:84147”]
“the Muppet logo”


Oh dear lord, that ITC one! YAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!

Another favorite: