Fantastic 1980s motion graphics of movie and TV production logos



Yup! I watched this a while back on YouTube. Its fascinating how they were able to make that with all practical effects.

I was going to come here to say, sarcastically, “believe it or not, children, there was a time when only some logos were CGI, and I used to try to guess which ones they were.” But I see I’m surrounded by other old-timey semi-analog types. So no one would be impressed at all…

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Ugh, I shouldn say this…
Okay, lets get over with this…

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The René Chateau Vidéo logo beat them all !


I turned 15 in 1984 - I was in my glory with everything 80’s. Went to see Labyrinth in the theater. I was that movie nerd who went to movies by myself.

Now I listen to 80’s music and go “OMG this music is 30 years old”


For me, it was Space:1999.

Animalympics! My wife introduced me to that film. Includes some of Brad Bird’s early work.


Are we going to talk about Screen Gems, and the people who claim to be terrified of this logo?

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Gangstas Paradise is now legal drinking age (in the US).


I’m… not seeing the terror? this is a thing?

It’s the music more than the logo… and yes the music is kinda creepy.

not hearing it, either. sounds upbeat to me.

is this like those people who experience cilantro as soap-flavored?


What sort of people are terrified of that logo or the music? It sounds like a happy organ player with a Casio.

well I always found it a bit creepy and @JemmieDuffs even more so than me.

Here is a 9 minute documentary on the subject.


Thanks, I had a good laugh !


If you enjoy these kinds of 80’s style graphic logos, you might enjoy the music videos from Starcadian, who create “retro-themed” science fiction videos containing these, complete with static and tracking lines like old video cassette tapes. Links to all their videos can be found here on their web site.

They’ve been previously mentioned here and here on Boing Boing.


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