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You’ve changed your meds.


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Seems like it’s from 2011, just doing the rounds again.


I wondered that too… glad I wasn’t the only one.


I hate to say it, but when I heard he was filibustering over his opposition to the patriot act, I couldn’t help thinking “Well, he’s not ALL bad.”

I feel unclean.



When you turn on your television (this applies to anything displaying video, including movie theaters, computer video, youtube/internet video, apple tv, and even animated GIFs), there are beings utilizing that media feed, attempting to access information about you through hypnosis and using you for energy and a variety of other purposes.

Well, @Mindysan33 - you’re screwed.

N.B.: if people want to have a bunch of posts talking about that nut and/or his “theories” we should open a dedicated thread.


Wow and I thought the timecube guy was bonkers.


I’ma go put on my foil hat. BRB.


True Class Warfare Warriors!

When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich.
– attributed to Rousseau


@crenquis - nope?


Only visible to the finest of folks.

“hot” link to an imgur gif – perhaps workplace filter.


VPN, in this case.


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If a woman thinks too much, she’ll grow a man’s head.

(Polish or Russian proverb I distinctly remember reading, illustrated, in a book of proverbs, for which I can find no online citation. I also remember “The Lithuanian is dumb like the pig, but smart like the fox.” Polish proverbs, I believe.)


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If I had a nickel for everytime something I posted showed up on the front page, I’d have… I’d have a bunch of nickels. Several of them. Possibly enough to play PacMan with?


Do you realize how much work it is to browse through the Guardian and cut and paste URLs? Do you??


Are you… disappointed with BoingBoing?

May I note proudly that this leading-question has become “a thing”?



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@beschizza @jlw - are there any public stats-over-time that you would care to share?

I certainly don’t get the feeling that BB is a corpse, sad or not.

The sheer number of new features and bloggers would seem to indicate otherwise, as well.


If you listen to John’s Rum Doings podcast (it’s quite good, actually), it’s clear that he’s a long term reader of BB who isn’t a fan of the amount of sponsored posts/affiliate links/Big Silicon posts. They talked about it a few episodes ago.


Not being a fan is one thing; saying that BoingBoing is a “sad corpse” implies that it has failed and is not a going concern – that’s a traffic-based assertion.


It’s all about ethics in games journalism.