"I Agree": Visualizing terms of service with long scrolls of colored paper


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/05/07/tldr.html


it’s an exhibition by Dima Yarovinsky, at the Visualizing Knowledge 2018 conference at Aalto University:


Thanks, that’s perfect!


What a wonderful thing. Really makes the point.


I think it would have been interesting if the artist had included a scroll for the GPL alongside these.


I am waiting for the day when a US court holds that these click through user agreements are not an enforceable contract.

Note: I am not holding my breath.

Alternatively, I want every CEO of every tech company that uses one of these things to be required to read it verbatim into a court of record (e.g. the Federal District Court of wherever the company headquarters is) and then explain in plain English what they just read.


They should include an object of known size, for scale. Maybe a banana.


With a TOS written on the peel… Just look at it.


That’s been ruled on many times. (TL;DR: = they’re not.)


I read all of them.
I read the EULA before installing software.
I know I’m weird.

Side note - when one of the kids put some horrible things into her AOL profile to look edgy (violating the ToS) I made her read the 14 pages of the Terms of Service for AOL. Out loud. It took hours.


My husband reads them too.


Better than reading a Harlequin Romance I guess.


The most modern iteration of making your child smoke a whole pack of cigs at once?


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