I can't clear my unread / new topics

There are 439 unread and 52 new topics remaining, or browse other topics in boing.

I have read something like 20-30 “unread” topics from my feed.

I got the number to drop from 450 to 439, while the “new topics” number hasn’t budged.

I doubt that topics are being created that fast; why can’t I get this number down? I have been trying since yesterday.

Go to new (or unread), scroll to bottom, hit dismiss?

That’s what I’ve been doing, and doing, and doing, and doing.

Have you tried turning it on and off again?


Okay, I’ve got it down under 400. Let’s see how long that lasts…

UPDATE: 406 as soon as I saved the post, and the “new topics” number hasn’t budged a digit.

AHA: the number is a hold-over from when the page was originally loaded, and is not dynamically updated?

Update: Oh for f**k’s sake, after re-loading the page it says 449, and 51 new topics. WTF?!?!? I had actually gotten it down to 369.

@sam, @codinghorror - are these numbers related to anything real, or are they just made-up?


There are 448 unread and 52 new topics remaining

UPDATE: If I scroll to the bottom of the unread page, save the source, and delete all lines that do not contain class="title" I find there are 637 lines.

Which would suggest

  1. there are are 637 topics that I have not read
  2. 449/450 is hard-coded someplace
  3. lying to me about the number of unread posts is annoying
    and 4) why should I even believe the number 637, the page-load may have just crapped-out silently at some point,
    or 5) you’re just f*****g with us.

My money is on the latter (why else would all the comments only be available via javascript???!?).

Gives a slight Kafkaesque feel to your day, doesn’t it? :wink:


I can’t even like these posts. :confused:


I suspect this is a bug. @eviltrout can you have a look? Is Dismiss Unread / Read working?

May we impersonate you @othermichael for testing?


Have a look at the numbers, though. 450 keeps reappearing, and I found 600+ posts on the actual unread page. I suspect the number display at the bottom of the page is being limited.

I impersonated you and was able to Dismiss everything correctly!

Is the issue that they are dismissed then come back later? Or were you having problems dismissing them initially?

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I was having problems dismissing them.

They seem to be gone, now.