You have too many tracked new and unread topics

I’m just noticing this forum message today:

Warning: you have too many tracked new and unread topics, clear some using Dismiss New or Dismiss Posts

What does this mean?


In your case, it means that as discussion tapers on bbs topics you lose interest leaving a few posts at the end unread. You have done that about 500 times now which has hit the limit of topics we can technically track without serious performance impact

Go to unread from front page and hit Dismiss Posts

I am looking at improving some of the ux here today


Maybe we should just “dismiss topics” for the oldest ones on their behalf?


Yeah I think that is better

Going to add a hard cap of 200 for new then I can dismiss on their behalf anything over 300


I just had to do this, and it was certainly a little confusing and clunky. I hit both “Dismiss Posts” and “Dismiss Topics”, and it didn’t seem to make the message to away. It also wasn’t clear what the ramifications were. Ultimately I dug up a series of about 10 topics I knew I had set to “Watching”, but which were old an no longer updated, and I unset each of them manually (after finding them), and that seemed to quiet the message. Maybe there was just a delay, and it was unrelated?


It might be nice to have an interface for “dismiss older than” or “dismiss past X” or something.


Give me a bit to sort this out, we might as well just handle it automatically, it is not as though you have any choice here


Coo. Just to be clear, this is about posting that “X new messages” thing next to the topic in topics list view?

I feel dismissed, like my attention is irrelevant. It hurts. I think I need a topical ointment.

I will get post this.


All the nitty gritty details of my fix are here:

Bottom line is that this will just become a “nothing to see move along” thing.

If you let your unread build up too high, system will step in and “pretend” you read stuff you did not.


Keep in mind, in the past, previous to this “confusing” message, all the users getting it, had nonsense numbers here :arrow_down_small:

That caused them to “mistrust” these numbers and just treat them as visual noise.


Thanks Sam!

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Fix is deployed here, you should no longer see any confusing messages.

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Wait. That’s confusing. Here as in this thread? Or here as in near me? Or near you? Help. I’m confused.


I guess I was a bit premature at announcing the end of “confusing messages” :tm:

To clarify, the following warning has been obliterated …

> Warning: you have too many tracked new and unread topics, clear some using Dismiss New or Dismiss Posts

102.974% clear now.


We’re casual enough around here you can round it to 103.


@Ratel I guess it’s no longer relevant, but yes, I noticed a lag after I dismissed both logs and refreshed a few times before the warning message went away.

@everyone: after I did that, I went into my preferences and looked at the options for how I wanted to be notified. in addition to getting them due to @s and replies, there is a default to start getting notifications for just being in the thread for x number of minutes, and you can change the number of minutes. by disabling that altogether, my unread queue has changed from “hundreds of notifications that I ignore” to “a few that I actually care about,” i.e. useful.

that’s a pretty marked change to a thing I use everyday, maybe others will find that helpful.
@sam thanks for fixing this thing