I didn't like shooting games. Then I fell in love with Splatoon


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All these positive reviews around the interwebs… I may need to download this…


It seems slightly odd is that in the lengthy history of the shooting game, no one has hit upon this particular mechanic before and made it work. It seems so straightforward.

Killing voice chat seems like an obvious idea too, for that matter. I wonder how harried the moderation team is?


It’s not a new mechanic, although it’s fairly uncommon in shooters (skating games almost always have, and I’ve seen variants in a wide variety of genres). I don’t think I’ve ever seen an entire game based around it before. It’s called “graffiti mode” in most games that have it.


I just wish I could play with a mouse and keyboard. Pesky thumbsticks…


That was gorgeous dive into everything that makes Splatoon click. Thanks for the great read!


We’ve been having a blast with Splatoon. I still – as a 45 year old man – have the problem that I can’t twitch as fast as these 12 year olds out there, but I love it, and my kids do likewise. One of my favorite games in years.


Adding an extra verb (squid) and an asterisk to the main verb (shoot*) makes so much of a difference. I bought my first console since the Wii release, and it’s been a blast.

I too miss keyboard and mouse, but the motion helps most of the time. And even if I’m not young, there are plenty of longer distance and larger area weapons that let me be almost as slow or as unaimed as I might desire. (also motion prediction and in this case burst bombs never seem go out of style.)


I usually avoid shooters, but I must admit that this does look like great fun.

I haven’t seen such innovative use of the core mechanic since Portal.


Now, if only they’d do something about that terrible song the commercial😊


I grow tired of ‘shmups’ (shoot-em-ups) where the only thing you do is kill kill kill (and throw that switch now and again). I just played thru Bioshock 1 again and tried totally different tactics, but I wasn’t able to sneak by most encounters. So lots of wetwork with the wrench… This sounds fresh! (wink)

Anything like this out there for Mac or PC?


Also every seafood based pun in this game. Every single one.


The very name Splatoon is brilliant.

Incorporates: Splat

And: Cartoon

And mocks: Platoon

And sounds like a word someone should have come up with decades ago to describe a messy (ahem) fustercluck.

The only non-PC platform I have is Nintendo Gamecube. I don’t suppose there will be a port, huh?


I found that a nifty way to play Bioshock was on the highest difficulty mode and using hacking & plasmids to control Big Daddies - after the first level, you could basically have the enemies do all of your fighting for you, which was cool.


I enjoyed going through Dishonored without killing anyone…That was a nice challenge.


I just want a version for PC.


This will never happen. It’s straight up Nintendo IP.

Someone clever might make a similarly themed version but it won’t be the same.

Speaking as another 40+ player who at one point was quite “l33t”, I’ve found that experience and tactics can beat the 12yo crowd. It’s the 16+ that will drink your milkshake.


While there have been some games like Jet Set Radio that used tagging, the game this most draws the influence from is de Blob and it’s sequel. Utterly delightful games where you bound around the map painting the levels bright colors for points and defeating ink blots.


Oh I am well aware of this. I just want something similarly themed. It’s bright. It’s colorful. It’s easy for me to see what’s going on!


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