I DIY'd the Haunted Mansion hitchhiking ghost illusion

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So lifelike.


This is on my to-do list with my girls

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My daughter is excellent at putting film on glass.



The thing I love about the original Hitchhiking Ghost illusion was that it was completely mechanical, 3D (because the figures were physical), and had just the right amount of depth to convincingly make it look like the full-size ghost was sitting right next to you. Unfortunately that’s really hard to accomplish with a home-made effect unless you’re willing to bust a hole through your wall and dedicate a dark room behind it to housing a full-size ghostly figure.

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Actually, Leela, I think Jason DOES have a Fungineering Degree.

I thought about putting a ‘glowing’ bust in a blacked out hole in the wall and the picture frame over it – but I prefer the iPad – I want to figure out how to render some old photos or videos into the glowing blue force ghost that works well with this and play videos of family members or departed pets.

Any plans to do a bathroom mirror next?

(Some of these people were clearly terrified, so it was a kinda mean prank, but I love the reaction of the last guy.)

I have a 20k Leagues-themed bathroom. The tentacles are placed to give a feeling of being pulled into the toilet by the squid.


Cool! So I’m guessing you’re already aware of that movie’s connection to the Haunted Mansion?

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