I don't care what scientists say: drinking your Guinness from a Martini glass is a heresy

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Just exactly what does tech insider know about drinking anyway? Seriously. NO! There is nothing right about that. A pint glass. Maybe even a tulip glass…but Guinness is a low abv dry stout, normally the tulip is for high abv rich stouts.

“It’s designed to make you wait longer than you need to”. NO IDIOT. It’s designed to make you wait so the thick dry milk stout comes up to room temperature and you can drink it properly.

I can’t with shit like this.


I won’t even drink a Martini from one of those godawful, tippy, hard-to-sip glasses. A Guinness belongs in a proper pint glass.


What if you were blending it with like apple brandy or some shit?

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Right?!? I always have a martini or Manhattan from a coupe glass now. More stable and easier to handle. image


The real heresy is at the end when the good doctor suggests he hates waiting for his beer so much that he would consider drinking it out of that ridiculous glass with a straw.


I have been quietly (as in, grumbling to friends) advocating for the return of the coupe lately myself. It’s so much classier, easier to handle, easier to drink from, and easier to fit into a dishwasher than a giant triangular cone. But wouldn’t put a Guinness in one of those, either!


The common factor in all of these? Guinness. Try a good microbrewed porter or stout instead of that corporate mass-produced and mass-marketed swill and you’ll never go back.


Bah! The first Guinness, I always start with a good long swallow. With that stupid little glass, I’d hit Guinness-interruptus before I was done.


I concur to a point. There are some amazing microbrew porters and stouts out there…there are also some abominations. Porters and Stouts should be simple in ingredients but deep and rich in flavor; allowing the malt flavors to shine through. Overly complicated garbage like Peanut butter chocolate stout is an unholy blight on the world IMHO.

Mass produced Guinness in the states is horrid, but the stuff in Ireland is still fantastic. So it’s a mixed bag.


Like Quori, I’ve had a few good porters & stouts made by small breweries and I’ve also had more than my share of terrible ones that are inevitably far too expensive for a beer. Guinness might not have multiple layers of coffee/chocolate/etc flavor or a complex flavor profile, but it’s reliably very decent, which is why I fall back on it these days rather than try a $14 12-ounce pour of Ultra Chocolate Marshmallow Bourbon-barrel Stout that might be good but is probably godawful. I’d love any suggestions of good microbrews to try!

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Drinking anything from a martini glass is wrong. Top heavy and custom designed to spill down your shirt.

While you can go ahead and serve stouts and many ales warmer than you might lagers and lighter beers. Ain’t supposed to be room temp. And waiting for it to become room temp is gonna take like 20-30 minutes.

The slow pour is about ensuring a proper head and bubble structure with a nitro beer.

Guineas ain’t a milk stout. No lactose, And it’s dry. Milk stouts tend to have at least a mild sweetness. If we want to go with modern brewers categories it’s like the type specimen for dry Irish stout. If we want to go with historical categories it’s an export stout, And one of the original examples of what would later be called Russian imperial stouts. And the vast difference between any Guinness product and what we now think of as Russian imperial stouts will tell you just how badly American brewers misunderstand those sorts of things.

Coupes are nice. Vast improvement. But the real devil is stemware. Prefer a double old fashioned glass myself.

I work in the craft beer industry. One of the common denominators of all those microbrewers and the people behind all that classy beer? They all regard guiness as excellent beer.


Guinness from a Martini glass, are they Mad Men?

(Apologies for the quasi-homophobia.)

At most I can comment on those that I like in New Mexico and to a lesser extent Montana. Alas, my absolute favorite New Mexican porter is no more (the brewpub down the street closed up.) If you’re by chance in Montana the Brewer’s Association will be having their Rendezvous come August in Helena – you can have as many samples as you can hold and still stand.

Currently there are a couple of pretty good porters going around here; I’m actually rather impressed by Santa Fe Brewing’s piñon porter (like spruce, piñon tips are traditional preservatives similar to hops).

I was going to suggest, “what’s the bigger heresy: drinking Guinness from a Martini glass, or not wanting a Guinness at all, in any receptacle?”

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So the suggestion of the martini glass is entirely based on impatience. That’s absurd.


Yeah, I know what you mean. . . I prefer Murphy’s too.

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faster != better