Copper mugs for Moscow Mules

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I’m inventing a Boing Boing drinking game where you do a shot each time Mark mentions he’s “not much of a drinker.”


Is this sort of an alcoholic’s version of “I’m not a racist but…” ?


Have you felt like suddenly these mugs are everywhere? The resurgence of the Moscow Mule has been consciously nurtured by vodka sellers. Plus, I promise you don’t need a special mug to enjoy it.


Pssh. I bet you only use a one-dollar bill when snorting coke, too. Have some pride.


The story I always heard was that three morose salesmen were chatting in a bar about their unwanted stocks of products they couldn’t move. Nobody wanted copper cups, vodka was deeply unpopular in the 40s, and ginger beer was a niche beverage. One of them said “hey! I have a crazy idea,” and the marketing gimmick of the Moscow Mule was born.


[quote=“stephen_schenck, post:2, topic:76236, full:true”]
I’m inventing a Boing Boing drinking game where you do a shot each time Mark mentions he’s “not much of a drinker.”[/quote]

While a dangerous enough game on it’s own, I’m thinking to combine it with mine where you drink every time Weisberger mentions his VW camper.


should be enough for a couple of days playing the game


I tried a moscow mule a couple of years ago, though it feels like a recent event so my memory of it is fairly fresh. I know i rather disliked it, thought i would enjoy it more but i didn’t. Couldn’t even bring myself to drink much of it. Maybe it was a lousy drink where i had it, i’ll have to try again in the future but not sure how much better it could be.

Yeah. I haven’t been watching Better Call Saul, but maybe that was the bellwether moment for the resurgence. The mugs seemed to pop up in every store that sells any kind of dishware around the same time.

Definitely don’t include taking a shot when someone expresses disappointment in Boing Boing. Livers everywhere will thank you.


I had noticed the popularity of the drink pop up way before Better Call Saul, it’s possible that the show has made it much more visible than before but it already seemed like it was a drink fad about 2-3 years ago when i first became aware of it.

Edit: did a quick google search and i’m fairly confident that the writers of the show must’ve included the drink because of it’s resurgence in popularity. I could be wrong but i think it’s a good deduction. The show started beginning of 2015 and i tried the drink in July on 2014, which by then it seemed like it was everywhere.

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Maybe it’s not showing up everywhere at the same time. I don’t think it’s been more than a year since every store in the northwest started carrying the cups. I think I first noticed their ubiquity around Xmas shopping season.

The vodka (being vodka) adds little to no flavor, so it really depends on the quality of the ginger beer and how much lime is in there. If it’s tasty ginger beer, and you like ginger beer, then you’ll enjoy a Moscow Mule.


The best part about the Moscow Mule is that it’s terrible. The second best part is that there is no second best part.


I’ve never heard of these, but just yesterday I made a fresh batch of ginger syrup for my own ginger beer. Didn’t quite come out as spicy as I’d like, but looks like I’ve got something different to try it with. Perfect timing!


a regulation specific for Bavaria is nearly impossible, food safety is a field of law on federal level - nowadays mostly covered by harmonized EU regulations


Been eye rolling at the mule drinkers here in KC for about 4 years now, they first started showing up in the brew pubs, and now I think they are even in Applebee’s and the like. We are typically 1 to 3 years behind on any particular fad occurring on the coasts, so yeah this one is very random.


This is so much the case.

A co-worker and I were out to a vendor-paid for dinner at a local high dollar establishment and saw they even had a Moscow Mule on the drinks menu.

Two copper mugs later and we were both wondering if they had put any Ginger Beer in the drink. The waiter brought out a can and we topped off our mugs and…there was still little to no “Moscow Mule” flavor.

It was not a brand of Ginger Beer either of us had heard of. We decided someone told them they needed a Mule on the menu, but had never actually drank one.

And now I need to stop of at the Indian grocer on the way home that has the really good hot ginger beer I like.

And Tito’s.

And Limes.

At least I have my copper mug.


I’ve never tried a moscow mule, but I’ve sampled several ginger beers, and there’s some pretty extreme variation within the style, ranging from those that are almost gingerale, to those that are extremely spicy and dry. My personal preference is Old Tyme ginger beer, but it’s dry enough that I don’t know if it would pair well with actual lime juice - I might consider Rose’s Lime Cordial to make something a bit more drinkable

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