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##What’s your non-alcoholic non-mainstream* carbonated poison?


* Mainstream is pretty much the same concept as totalitarianism.1 Soy sauce is also exactly the same as totalitarianism. And so is line dancing!2


When I can find it here in the US


But usually I prefer a simple sparkling water



Wegmans! Whoo! (ooh, how’s the Coconut Lime?)

For me:


I don’t/can’t drink sodas so much any more – the gas is awful, and I usually feel sick. I have no regrets about this happening, bur I pray the same fate never befalls pizza…


How non-mainstream do we gotta be?

My favorite root beer is this stuff:

…but it’s not all that hard to find. I get it at Ralphs. When I worked on the 1997 miniseries version of The Shining, the prop department, one of the assistant directors, and I used to collect root beers and rank them in our spare time. By the time we finished the three-month shoot, Weinhard’s was #1, followed closely by a local brand from Denver called Duffy’s.

Other favorites included Frostie and Dog-n-Suds. Both excellent.

The absolute worst was Rawhide Red. Contains “essence of stinging nettle,” and tastes like it.

(Photo not available because it sucks so hard)

Anyway, I don’t drink root beer that often anymore, since it’s more of a dessert than a sodee-pop, in my opinion.

@bibliophile20 thumbs-up on the Dr Peppers! I had a cherry one this morning, I’m finishing off a regular one right now!

I miss the Dublin Dr Pepper.


Still, I would like to try that. Moxie’s not-so-secret ingredient is Gentian-root extract. And I had a burdock-and-dandelion soda this winter – absolutely wonderful!


The creators of Moxie are evil geniuses. Tastes great at first, but fuck, that aftertaste! Better take a long pull off this Moxie to get that out of my mouth!

Not so non-totalitarian, but since Mr Pibb apparently costs $34.95 a can now(only expired 15 years), I’ll reach for this


I luuuuuv Inca Kola! The first time I had it was the first time I went to a Peruvian restaurant. YUM!


Since @fiddlingfrog has already posted Irn-Bru, might as well suggest its stablemate.


But I don’t actually drink sodas much at all, to be honest. So…


Found this at a Viennese-style kaffeehaus. Vaguely reminiscent of the late, lamented Aqua Libra.

I used to drink this. Other than the taste, its big selling point was the number of states it was banned in.


I am partial to colas for pure name and label design I love…

I also like grapefruit flavor so I mostly get this


Synergy Gingerade Kombucha. It is spicier than virtually all ginger drinks, but it needs more.


This stuff is yumtastic.


My jam:

Tied with all varieties of Dr. Pepper.


My favorite soda, anytime, anywhere. Absolute perfection. If you grew up with rhubarb, you will appreciate its spot-on balance between aroma, tartness, sweetness, and astringency. I have not tasted a better soda than this one. I’ll stop gushing now.

Runner-up: Lurisia Chinotto
Runner-runner-up: Moxie
Honorable mention: Monin Sugarcane Cola syrup + seltzer. Coca-Cola as you wish it tasted. So rich in cola aroma that you end up using less, thus yielding a more aromatic and refreshingly less sweet cola.



Moar ginger please.



(Given that this is BB, it’s some small miracle this wasn’t the first or second post.)


Love trying different ginger brews…

Used to get this one at a little restaurant across from work, but they don’t have it anymore.

Inca cola is a bit too syrupy sweet for me - my go to South of the border sodee pop is Materva