Photo of all the Dr. Pepper knockoffs


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Dr. Tremor sounds like a drink to avoid.


HEB’s Dr. B



That would be this.


Missed opportunities in crossover marketing.


Typical. He doesn’t make the list just because he doesn’t have a doctorate. Or perhaps he’s a Surgeon in the UK?


When my grandfather was based in Formosa he would have cases of Dr. Pepper shipped to him by family back in Waco. I’m told that all the Texans would gather to celebrate the Colonel and his wonderful sludge.


I’m confused. . . why make knockoffs of the worst soft drink ever created?

(Tosses fire-cracker, walks away from hornet’s nest.)


It’s relatively easy to reverse engineer a soda’s flavour. Figuring out what to name it in a way that lets people know what it’s an imitation of, without violating trademarks - that’s the tricky part.



I immediately went looking for Lucky Strike knockoffs:

If you don’t know why, I can’t explain it to you.


Both the photo and list are missing Dr. Schnee (from Vess).


Roger That!


Dr. Becker?

looking forward to the beverage-ifcation of Dr. Hawkeye, Dr. Hunnicutt, Dr. House, Dr. Watson, Dr. Detroit, Dr. Turk, and of course, Dr. Acula.


Are any of these available in the UK? A few years ago Coca Cola added artificial sweeteners to all their sparkling drinks (not just the diet/light versions, with the exception of coke). This made them taste revolting. I miss sprite, fanta and lilt but especially Dr Pepper.


Dr. House is WAY too bitter for American tastes. Perhaps it would succeed in Italy where there is a market for Beverly


I’ll add in Dr. Zip soda, a house brand sold by the Sobeys grocery chain here in Canada.



Only performs abortions

Whom your mother always wanted you to marry.

Seems legit

Sounds more like a street corner pharmacist

She couldn’t get by on her looks like Barbie, so she had to become a doctor.

More a vanity license plate than a soft drink.

May cause seizures.

Worst chiropractor ever.

Known for his breast implant special. Buy one, get the other free.

What about Dr. Howard, or Dr. Howard?


“The Best”? Understatement is not part of the company’s values : )

btw, some crossover me-too product trying to reach the customer base of you The Best and the soft drink?