I finally replaced my

… motorcycle tyres today, and boy - what a difference. The old ones worked “super well” on hot days and hot roads, but in the London near-freezing wet roads, they were, shall we say in the most traditionally obfuscating British manner, a little less than optimal.

This might be a little game. "I finally replaced my … " + outcome.


I replaced my tablet’s battery… it worked, until it came time to charge it, and it won’t charge.


Oh my sky god - that happened with my $300 wifi extender - worked great for a few weeks, and now it’s embarrasingly disfunctional. “Hey dude, what’s your wifi password” - er, can you move about 10 feet that way??!


Yea I wasn’t sure if it was charger or battery and it’s a nook HD so it’s got that ‘nobody else sells these’ kind of chargers.

What annoys me most is it works great… except it won’t charge.


My laptop did that a few weeks ago. Now I’ve got two batteries and a really dodgy looking external charger that has actually been working pretty well. Apparently the problem is probably on the motherboard, and it’s not worth fixing.


…motorcycle tires as well (I’m in the colonies).

For the street bike I went with the Dunlop Sportmax Q3 (190/55 & 120/70) and for the Supermoto I went with the Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S-20 EVO (150/60 - only needed the rear as I got a metal pin in it last time I went out riding).

I also ordered a replacement for my wallet after I worked out a way to replace the o-rings on that particular model.


Was planning on seeing if it’s the charging cable (apparently the nook hd had really dodgey cables.) Thing is… yea it might just not be worth it. I like that tablet but it’s just… Meh.


One of those things that clamps on with a couple of contacts that slide to make contact with the terminals?
I used one for a couple of years when my USB connector broke in an old phone.


Yeah, I finally met up with some people who actually understand the difference between “The manufacturer uses these because it’s cool” and “British roads are awful”, and could express succinctly which tyres to go for - i.e. “all these - they’re not touring, but they’re not quite track, but they’re knee-down if needed”. Spoke my language!


…carbohydrates in my diet with meat and greens.


I got turned onto those Dunlops by a mate that has since passed (taken by the road gods). Before these I was running the Michelin Pilot Power 2CT, a nice dual compound with a firm center and softer sides. Though, in use, I didn’t find that it cupped any slower, but I did like the sidewalls.

Comparatively, even for a 120/70, the Dunlop front has much steeper sidewall than the Michelins do. I tend to favor steep walls as, back when I raced, I used a 24mm offset to the front, so having a “nose over” feeling is much more comfortable for me.

These Dunlops are indeed good enough that you can ride them to the track, do some laps, and then ride them home - as long as you’re not pushing it past the 75th percentile and leave yourself room, they’ll be under you all day long. That said, I tend to prefer mother nature any more - not as much speed, but even more precision and infinitely more variation, though the run off sucks.


Replaced my telly today. The old one (40" LCD, about 4-5 years old) had just developed a blue line of pixels across the screen, so I had a look in one of a chain of shops that’s just gone into receivership (Dick Smith Electronics), and picked up a 41.5" UHD job for the same price as the old one, AU$400.

I had to take the first one back, then tested three more in the shop to find one with the dead pixel in a spot I could live with. And 2160p only works as a test of a custom resolution, which comes out at 1080p once it’s created as an option for some reason, so I’ll have to find a workaround. Oh, and since it’s the house brand, there’s no warranty. Aside from that it seems pretty okay… just christened it with S02E01 of Better Call Saul.


Car. I finally replaced my car. 3 months without a car has been hell but I managed to save enough money for a down payment on a new car by not throwing money at the Focus just so it keeps running anymore. Picked it up at the dealership today. :smiley:


…lack of hot pot in my life, with an abundance of hot pot.


friends. Had some foul weather and the fair weather friends all blew away. Best storm ever!


Far less dramatic, or expensive, but…my winter socks with more durable, but equally toasty blended fibre socks.

Hoping to be able to report…kitchen…sometime before May. ::fingerscrossed::


…windshield wipers. Now one has a loose nut and won’t go. Keep meaning to fix that.


cat’s dry food with wet food:

My one cat had diabetes and, though I was skeptical that wet food could actually reverse it, it seems to have done just that.

We learned when we started treating him that vets are now recommending all cats get wet food. We switched all three to all canned all the time.



…I replaced a slovenly room with an organized room. Next up, windshield wipers, a light on the car, my GP, and some bits that are very funny but exceptionally private.