I finally replaced my

Ooh, ooh, ooh!!

Creme of Tilapia, liver, and heart for cats (3% quinoa for optimal carbs), packaged in earth friendly bamboo micro-crocks.

I just made a billion dollar biz.


You are joking, but probably there will be a small, but well paying market, for such a thing.


…cellphone. My (previous generation) Nexus 5 died spectacularly last Friday: dropping all radio connections at random every few minutes, claiming it was connecting to my car audio while I was on the 8th floor and my car was turned off, informing me I have no SIM card, freezing, rebooting, freezing while rebooting, overheating while blinking the message light but not responding to any buttons, etc.

So I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S7 and simultaneously dropped my unlimited data down to 6GB/month, which saved me almost exactly the amount of money per month the S7 will cost. (I checked, and the most data we’ve ever used in a month is 2.5 GB.) The thing is, the S7 isn’t officially released until Friday so I have to pretend it’s 1995 until then. It feels wrong not to have internet access and a camera and GPS in my pocket.


Three or four customers in Berkeley, and it’s a billion bucks.


And of course this is announced today, damn it.

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Guess you’ve got a post for the Fuck Today thread!


I’m enjoying the juxtapositions this post creates in the list of headlines… gems include:

  • I finally replaced my man in bear suit
  • I finally replaced my dead squid
  • I finally replaced my top porn search term in Quebec
  • I finally replaced my covert scan of museum’s Nefertiti bust
  • I finally replaced my fuck today

(ETA, because it’s just too good…)

  • I finally replaced my steak house or gay bar

I finally replaced my readheads of color
I finally replaced my Infinite Yul
I finally replaced my Power Donut
I finally replaced my Giant Sharpie Pen
I finally replaced my Cooking (not just dinner)
I finally replaced my extensive list of space opera cliches


Like, totes “eeek” over here. My Nexus 5 felt huge with respect to the OG Nexus I had previously, and now I’m eyeing the 6 but cringing at the price, in addition to considering the Project Fi deal for a family member, although they’re in western NC and I worry about signal coverage. Although maybe I’ll take that deal you posted…

I’m needing to replace or rewire the turn signals for the KLR, but haven’t b/c lazy and/or cash. I’m also in the process of replacing/rebuilding my mash tun for brewing, and I’m replacing my bad attitude with good vibes and oh fuck that nonsense.

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Apparently the average lifespan of a smartphone is 21 months, and mine lasted 26. I didn’t really feel any need to upgrade and the battery still seemed to be fine, but the sudden rash of failures made the decision for me.

(Before that it did occasionally reboot itself while streaming music in the car, but could live with that.)

My previous phones all got replaced when their batteries died, though I had bought a 3rd-party battery to keep my T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream going as long as possible. I still miss that keyboard.


Bookshelves! The Billys had a good ten year run but it’s time for some built-ins.


… my disparate artaud volumes with a beautiful bible-thin Oeuvres [quarto: gallimard] containing practically everything except, I’m guessing, the complete rodez journals & some of the artwork… nextup: new toothbrush


Twisted-Electrons Therapsid with a Soulsby Atmegatron.

The Therapsid was kind of fun and very much the full SID chip experience, but with knobs… but honestly, in my current synth/software setup it just felt redundant, and relatively hard to use. I eBayed it and bought a store demo Atmegatron, and the programmer cable and extra template cards from across the pond. It’s much more the sort of odd animal that will match what I’m doing. The only thing really that I’ll miss about the Therapsid is the noisy triangle waves (which I can imitate pretty well elsewhere) and the minor bragging rights to having a SID-based synth.


"I finally replaced my … "

… original pair of backpacking boots with a new pair. I got a lot of great service out of the old pair but the sole started delaminating and I can’t find anyone to fix them and I’m wearing a larger size now anyway.

I’m in the middle of Sno-Sealing (waterproofing) the new pair, which is why the laces are out. You can see I’ve started the treatment on one boot, other than the tongue, making that one boot a lot darker.

(Those light dots along the railing are pollen blobs collected by the morning dew.)


may people believe the trifecta of internet, camera, and GPS is mans highest achievements.

I still think pockets are better inventions.


But pockets aren’t the original invention. They were only invented because THINGS had already been invented, and needed a convenient carrying mechanism. Necessity being the mother of invention, and all that.



Remind me never piss off rusty shackleford.



Over and over and over and over and over again.


Feeling indecisive?