I got a shirt that is supposed to stay clean for months without washing it


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I wonder if it could work for bed linen?


what about sweat then?


So, all your spilled drinks and condiments roll right off onto your pants.


All the fluids would just pool on top of the sheets…


Sounds nice but I seriously doubt the treatment lasts the lifetime of the shirt. They don’t mention durability on their site or on kickstarter:


I’ve previously had very nice DWR treated clothes that repelled all liquids like that, but that treatment wears off with time and you can never reapply it as well as in the factory.


Protip: Just because the shirt doesn’t need washing, don’t skip on baths and showers.


WTF is wrong with you people?


Yeah, I have two DWR (one Gore-Tex, one Omni-Tech) rain parkas, and both of em act like terry cloth now. I tried reapplying on one but that only turned it into a ten-minute rain parka.


So then you buy pants made of the same material, but then your shoes stain. So new shoes. Then it runs onto your carpet so new carpet…


I got a shirt that is supposed to stay clean for months without washing it



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adulting is hard


I knew a guy in college who did that. Don’t.


You need to wash them, regularly. And then re-apply some hydrophobic coating. Don’t use Fluor-based stuff, though: it’s environmental footprint is shit.


So I clicked on the links that @asdasdetc provided (thanks, have a virtual :beer:) to find out how this works, but all I found out is that Filium is a “non-nano, non-toxic” AWR. Which is nice, but doesn’t really answers any questions.
Is there anyone around on BB with a good knowledge of textile finishes?

Also, there is this:



What about solids? Plain old grime and dirt? Don’t they get ground into the fabric?


And, in my experience, rarely worth the trouble.