I just got censored on twitter

I had violated no terms of service. I tweeted about a hashtag #Rationalia.

I ended up tweeting that I was being asked if I was him, and whether or not he had any evidence to support the claim I wasn’t…

And they deleted ALL my tweets, except when I’m logged in. I have a different view of twitter than everyone else.

Strange. Disheartening.

The Citizens of #Rationalia you see there aren’t scientists. They’re… something else.

Just FYI.



I see tweets dating back awhile, and I also see your #rationalia tagged tweets when I search for that. On web, search filters tweets depending on what it thinks you’ll like unless you use the “live” tab which shows everything, chronologically.

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Don’t understand the conversation. Or rather, why anyone would get banned.


Eh. Because whoever tweets to his 5.32 million followers on twitter didn’t enjoy me finagling my way to the top of the #rationalia feed, so they made it their #Rationalia feed.

They’re scholastics and academics and science educators, and they don’t want some punk showing up and showing them up, so they changed the rules. Because twitter is a company, and has bills.

I think they’re way off base with their ‘scientism’ based arguments. He said he waned a virtual country named #Rationalia. I offered an alternative named #rationalia which was more populist, less Pretentous. In that credentials wouldn’t add false weight to the evidence they present. It’s not just an ad hominem logical fallacy if you say it. It’s worse if you think it, and it informs your thought going forward, and you say nothing. That leave’s us all with wizard’s behind curtains. Telling us how to run the world. And protecting their ego and money first.

Academia is scholastics that split from the Church… and just made a new Church. It’s why they wear those silly robes and hats and follow the old medieval guild system of apprentice, journeyman, and master. Undergrad, Grad, Post-Doc.

That’s their thing. I got my own. I’ll just go construct a narrative, and feed it to their students, and have them answering the questions to them they refused to answer to me.

The theory of gravity is broken in that the galaxy doesn’t rotate the way we would predict. So now we have ‘dark matter’ an invisible undetectable explanation for why they aren’t just wrong.

String theory exists because below the Planck length, our physics breaks down.

Special relativity existed because Einstein wanted to prove Netwon right in space.

There’s no correlation between the standard model and General relativity. Closest is Feynman’s Q.E.D. And that’s clearly horseshit and stupidity. Read it. It’s a tautological explanation with predictive ability of ‘we could calculate it… but it’d take longer than we predict the universe will last to give you an result.’

I can calculate the movement of three bodies in space in real time. I’ve got a better calculus, a better expansion to the Boolean logic table…

It implies gender is a spectrum always. That heirarchy is a lie. That there’s more valid statements than something being true or false. And it works well.

But I’m not a graduate of a fancy school. So I nail my treatise to their Twitter front door. Old school meets new school.

And they’re the Church of AI.

Obviously I’m biased, and an unreliable narrator, as well as an uneducated imbecile. I dunno if I’m ‘right’ just what I see.


Dude… your tweets are 100% visible to the public?



Given that the top tweets using the tag all bash on the idea, I’m thinking it’s not censorship. I think you’re running into something else that probably has to do withTwitter being glitchy sometimes. It’s crashed on me three times today, but I can see your tweets on your page and via search for the tag:


Or it could just be all the celebrities being tweeted at have just blocked them? :wink:


“Block” is my very favorite Twitter feature. Sometimes I drop by @RealDonaldTrump and just scan the comments to add new people to the list of those I’d like to ensure I never see or hear from again.


I’m sorry

I do the same thing on Fakebook!


I was a little taken aback. I think my tweets to that hashtag were removed
via influence. Because I beat them at Twitter, and they changed the rules.

I could make a bot, and make that make bots, and those bots make bots, and
so on… all tweeting rationalizations at #rationalia

But I got over it. Twitter and the academic industrial complex aren’t the
place for me. 140 characters makes it hard to say anything of any
substance. But easy to feed to a big data calculator.

Garbage in… big data… magic!!!

Sure. Seems very #Rationalia to me.

They’re not removed. They’re still there. On your profile and in search. They aren’t in the ‘Top’ listings for hashtags since there isn’t much activity on them, and Top-ness fades quickly without a lot of likes/retweets, but they are in ‘Live’ if you scroll a bit.

First, take a look at the #Rationalia tag. It’s almost entirely people slagging it for being a poorly thought out idea. If there was a censorship campaign one would expect a lot of that to be filtered as well.

Second, I think you’re misattributing something, though I can’t exactly tell what. Whatever it is, I don’t think the rules are any different. Honestly, I don’t want to sound harsh, but if you consider it, this was a handful of tweets with no likes/retweets from someone with a handful of followers. Twitter is honestly too big to care. Whatever you’re seeing probably isn’t about you at all.

Third, people are showing you evidence that they are seeing your tweets both on your profile and via search. Shouldn’t you revise your hypothesis based on that data? You don’t seem to be.



Beat me to it.


If you don’t get what I’m saying it means it’s not meant for you.

Gifs are ambiguous.

Explain like I’m five?

Ironically posting pictures of thinking children then not thinking

I don’t have time, and I don’t care if you don’t get it. It means it’s a
discussion you aren’t interested in.

I’ve moved on.


Aw shucks! I’m sorry Teach!


Wow rude.

Edited to add: