Twitter reportedly has imposed new filtering


Kinda jumping the gun here since I suspect one of the BB principals will post about this presently, but … I just saw reference to new filtering imposed by Twitter on certain classes of comments in certain ways. Anybody know more?

EDIT: This looks like a result of changes announced Feb 7, so not necessarily newsworthy at this point.


Ah, so that explains the massive uptick in “The quoted Tweet is not available.”



That probably has more to do with responding with Fuck you… which is totes appropriate here but the sort of thing filters will do.


Which is why I prefer their “may contain sensitive media” approach, because it lets me decide if I want to view, versus deciding for me that my delicate little brain can’t handle it. This does nothing to stop harassment but it will stop conversation. And privileging the verified does shut out disenfranchised voices (even if it’s by-catch with the trolls and not an intended effect, the damage is real).


Yeah, I agree. It’s not targeted against trans people speaking out, it’s targeting people saying fuck you, possibly specifically in the highly-visible feeds of famous/verified people. Although the end result seems about the same as if they targeted those people who have reason to speak so harshly.


I suppose this was inevitable. People have been campaigning for twitter to crack down on abusive tweets for ages. Now they’ve done this and the predictable reaction is “No, don’t regulate my actions.We wanted you to go after my opponents and only them.”


But how would they know what you (or anybody else) are sensitive to?

Sounds like yet another case of “pick your favorite arbitrary norm enforcement”, when what people need now is the maturity to agree to disagree, rather than retreating into some flavor of digital provincialism.


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