How Twitter "quietly banned" harassment and hate speech

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They’ve also quietly banned legitimate criticism of PR-firm run astroturf accounts and issues. Twitter was one of the very few places you could talk back to brands and get a public response. Now @ tweets are so buried to be worthless, and blocks are the new response to questioning the narrative.

But you can’t break some eggs without making an omelette, right?

Twitter is rushing headlong into irrelevance, by becoming the new text-based, one-way radio, just the way the advertisers want it.


How uncommon that people profiting from free speech would self-regulate extremist abuses of speech.

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Wait, has @Nero actually lost his account? No? Oh sure, harassment is /totally/ banned.

The amazing thing is, they’re busy killing their own host. What do they do, snort coke and pray that a new medium for advertising will emerge?

Ouch. Linguistic brain ouch.

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