Twitter supposedly to ban hate speech starting Monday


Consider me skeptical this will actually happen.


It’ll be interesting to see how they handle new iterations of hate speech belched out by Trump.


Beat me to it.
If they were serious about banning hate speech, his would be the first account to go.


Well that will be an interesting shit storm.

I am ready now.


I guess I’ll believe when I see it…



I think that he will get the same pass that reddit gives Trump and his toadies.


Well, so much for any hope that 45 will get banned.


This policy does not apply to military or government entities

So basically if you’re a government entity, go crazy with all the hateful and violent shit you can muster. Trump is now officially immune from any Twitter enforcement.

Fuck you, Twitter.


Well, sure. Twitter is clearly concerned about its stock price and shareholders, so they’re appeasing Steve Bannon and their core user base of neo-Nazis/alt-righters who are active military, veterans, and government employees.

Fuck you and go die in a fire, Twitter.


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