Kamala Harris suggests Twitter shut Trump down

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eta: When going to see Avengers movies, do Trump supporters take off their MAGA hats, and pretend not to recognize each other?


I’d hate for Twitter to shut him down while he continues tweeting confessions to impeachable offenses, as well as committing further offenses directly in the very tweets he posts.


Yeah, never gonna happen. Tweedle makes waaaaaay too much money off Hair Twittler’s legion of morans to ever stop lil Donny from Twitterpating. Jack aint gonna do JACK about shutting down this fascist cabal. Too many ducats.

But honestly back on the sane timeline anyone promising civil war 2.0 if dis or dat didn’t happen they’d be shut down in a microsecond. We’re on the shittiest timeline, a weird wild edge of the bell curve and beyond clusterf!ck.


Two things should happen on Twitter.
@RealDonaldTrump is a personal account, and should be held to the guidelines and responsibility of such. @POTUS is a official government account, and should be held to the record keeping requirements and legal ramifications of speech and the impact it can have (insider trading, market manipulation, censoring).

Then, let him choose which to speak from, and pay the penalty either way.


But they complain that Captain America is so antifa all of a sudden.


Well, probably not if they aren’t actually influential. For example in a sane timeline, or ours I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get banned for tweeting “nationalize lawn care now or face a new civil war”, partly because I expect my 8 followers wouldn’t report it, and partly because I doubt anyone would take it seriously.

Anyone with enough followers, especially enough nutball followers that such statements could actually get someone killed? Yeah, sure, would be a good idea.


Someone needs to write an alternate-reality novel where all of a sudden twitter just stops existing. What are the ramifications? I’ve not signed up and never will, and it boggles my mind why people are so addicted to it.

But then again, here I am posting on some blog of mostly wonderful stuff while I should be working. So there’s that.


Exactly. Give 'em enough rope.


or in other words – Fuck Twitter


She seems so tired.

Like this blog, Twitter can be a collection of wonderful things, if you’re careful about how you use it. I avoided making an account for the longest time, but I’ve had one for two months now and I kinda like it. I get cute dog pics, info from NASA, crochet patterns, news, jokes from friends. I follow my congresswoman… but I learned not to read comments on those tweets because she’s one of the Squad and people are absolutely vicious to her. And I only check mine a couple times a day, as there’s a ton of politics in my feed and that can get depressing fast. With better moderation, Twitter could work as well as the BBS does… but as it is, I can understand the awful reputation it gets, because when it’s bad, it’s horrible.


Sorry, but that’s all you’re allowed to say.


Headline needs better wording.

Could be interpreted in the past tense (indeed I read it that way).

“Kama Harris suggests to twitter, “Shut Trump Down””.


That ship sailed long ago, which is probably for the best anyway.

The White House confirmed, the @realDonaldTrump account IS official communication, and hence should be held accountable to all the record keeping and archival requirements as an official communication.

Which is probably for the best. It’s not like he’s "president’ when tweeting from one account and “not the president” when he tweeting from the other. Either has the same external impacts and while he’s president, either should meet the same rules and standards.

It’s not like sending a letter on stationary is different from sending one on plain paper, both coming from the same person.

The issue is him, end of story. Sure, twitter could add some friction and make it harder for him to publish, but he’s still the issue. He could publish direct to a whitehouse, Trump Company, or personal blog, that tweets only a link and nothing else, and the content would STILL be the issue. Plus a conflict of interest too if it was a Trump Company one.

Depending on limiting his access and relying on White House staff to edit all of his thoughts and only publish the ones that aren’t hateful or lies isn’t the answer. The answer is to have a president who doesn’t use hate speech and doesn’t lie.


I really wish one of Drumpf’s minders had followed Ryan’s advice when the minder originally went to set up Drumpf’s Twitter account:


You are out of date. Twitter doubled their maximum number of characters a while back. Which means you can go on for a while, even if you have already made your point. You can repeat yourself. As I said, they made this change a couple of year ago. Still have more space. la la la l


I see what you did there.

Or I’m completely imagining the complex, conflicting interpretations all in a perfect balance of plausibility?


He would LITERALLY DIE if he could not constantly vent his spleen by throwing constant Twitter Tantrums.


Somewhere in a dark smelly basement a Reich Winger’s head just exploded.