Repost the text of Trump's calls for violence, get suspended from Twitter

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Wait…different rules for elitist, rich, powerful people? WHAAA?!?

The fact checking is at least progress.


If we’re fortunate enough to have a reckoning about those who were complicit in enabling this regime, both Dorsey and Zuckerberg should be numbered amongst them.




Literally the tiniest measure of progress possible, unfortunately. Like muting the dog whistle with a piece of damp tissue paper. A PR stunt effecting no actual change.

“AltRightTwitter: the other white meet”


I think proving trump’s status was a necessary first step to looking into other accounts not held to policy restrictions

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Someone else on Boing Boing has observed that in our time, the dog whistle has given way to the vuvuzela.


That’s the point, you don’t need to prove Trump’s exempted status, it’s black and white in Twitter’s published policies and on-the-record interviews with Jack. One of the peculiar things in all this is people not realizing this plain, uncontested fact.


Some animals are more equal than others, that’s all.


Twitter, Facebook and anything similar still standing have been externalizing the cost of moderation, in the form of spreading hate the rest of us have to deal with, for so long that they’ll never really be able to do it right because bad moderation is baked right into the business model. They call it “engagement”, but it’s a reality distortion bubble that only breeds undesirable extremism.

It’s only when the hate they’ve helped create turns on them that their end will begin.


Don’t forget everybody. All this will be available for future generations in the Donald John Trump Presidential Library. I’m hoping it will be transcribed with historical events noted to give them context. Guaranteed to be a better seller than “The Art of The Deal”.

I have to admit to loving the idea of a Trump Presidential Library. I found George W Bush or Reagan ones to be very offensive. But a Trump one would be hilarious. Once we get beyond the pain and fear of him being in a threatening position of power (If we survive it, that is) - we’ll get the entertainment of centuries of laughing at his dumb ass.

That, and I hope Twitter bans him on day 1 after he’s out of office. There’s some chance of that happening, however slim.

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