Twitter purges hate groups


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Next up, right-wing “patriots” claiming that Twitter is violating the First Amendment rights of the hatemongers.


Much like reddit… twitter needs to pay the bills to keep running and the advertisers and investors don’t like being associated with Nazis… at least ones other than Trump anyway.


It’s hard to imagine any meaningful rules they could put in place against those individuals that wouldn’t apply to you-know-who.




For sure. Then again, most of them have no idea what the First Amendment actually means…


I’m just gonna’ bet that they missed one…


Wait, there are other groups on Reddit?


So they closed down Trump’s account?


Day late and a dollar short.


You-known-who will continue to be exempt from the regular rules, for reasons.


I just find it funny that right wingers are only for freedom of speech when it becomes obvious that their corporate masters won’t protect them from other corporations. Free market is only free for them it seems.


This could be a few people. Assuming Spenser, I understand that he’s actually quite well-behaved on Twitter. Trump is a special case: they will not ban Trump. They’ve already carved out a policy that lets him do whatever he pleases on the basis of newsworthiness.


And that’s a major roadblock for policing hate speech, because Twitter presumably won’t ban white supremacists just for retweeting the President of the United States.


I definitely cannot see anybody making a straight face argument that POTUS’s Twitter account constitutes hate speech. The closest I think he’s came (as President) is retweeting the Britain First stuff (that account has been banned by the way.)

But I think we should definitely start a crowdfund campaign for the first person to goad/trick him into get him banned as hate speech.


And meanwhile, Mike Cernovich is still Verified, and Jack is still following him.


Has anyone actually tried creating a Twitter account that does nothing but post the same messages verbatim that were posted by Trump’s account? How long would such an account last?


an echo “echo chamber” chamber


I can imagine all the crying and cries to regulate or nationalize Twitter on Breitbart.


wait… wait… no, no - Trump is still tweeting.