Alt-right troll accounts have been semi-hidden from Twitter search results


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sounds like a semi-solution. Let’s hope they find some actual bravery soon.


Did they “hide” Spanky’s account as well?

Yeah, thought so.


(insert image of a giant bag of money)


Is this a freedom of speech thing? I know that Twitter is a private organisation, and that they are not banning these people, but making them more difficult to find; but who decides on who to censor?

Having said that, hopefully youtube and facebook will stop trying to burst my left-leaning-liberal echo-bubble by sending me links to alt-right content.



Freedom of Speech, as per the Amendment, very specifically applies only to the government censoring you. Twitter (and literally any other non-government entity) could outright ban them, specifically for hate speech, but also for anything they wanted, so long as it wasn’t for belonging to a protected group (ie. you couldn’t ban Milo for being gay, just for being a shit head).


Thanks for a clear and concise answer, and a genuine giggle out loud.

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Twitter is not obligated to host these pieces of shit. If they were serious about this, they could always delete their accounts.

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