Users to Twitter: Ban Nazis. Twitter: What if you could have emoji reactions to a Direct Message

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twitter the executive director of the internet of beefs

Taking Newspeak to its logical conclusion. :+1:t3:

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Fuck Nazis everywhere, especially on FBook / Twitler / and all other hiding places.


Twitter delenda est




Hiding behind anonymity or at least acting from a distance where they can hide from the responsibly of their own speech.


The banning of speech is good how?

My dad did much more than ban Nazis. They gave him medals for it.


Won’t ban Nazis? Guess Twitter’s run by them.

It’s not a general question of good (and, to be clear, it’s not a discussion of the First Amendment) – no-one is arguing that. This is a discussion specifically about a privately owned platform’s right to ban Nazi speech, one which it doesn’t avail itself of for … reasons. And there are good reasons for a platform (like this one, for example) to prohibit Nazi speech:

in order to save everyone some time, take some time to review the following topic if you want to continue. You’ll find we’ve seen it all before here.


Can I interest you in the



Speech is banned/limited every single day in the daily lives of citizens and no one bats an eye lash over it.

You have a job yes? You work with other people yes? You and they do not get to walk into work and say anything you want to one another under the “protection” of free speech.

The reasonable actions of Twitter banning certain practices on their private platform is no different. Those individuals are still free to say whatever they choose. They are merely facing consequences for said speech.


All participants in the direct message thread will receive a notification any time a new reaction is added to a message. Those who don’t have the latest version of the Twitter apps will receive a separate message informing them of the reaction.

Ignoring the nazi point.

Can you turn this off.

Because it sounds intensely obnoxious and ripe for abuse

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The post is already flagged and probably going to be eaten, but I just want to say for the record that there are a lot of people on this forum, and we’re not all Millennials. There are a number of us who have either first-hand or else immediate family knowledge of WWII and Nazis. When we say this current resurgence is serious and needs to be dealt with ASAP, we’re speaking from deep knowledge.


Your dad and my granddad… Pop pop shot, punched, and bayoneted Nazis on his way across Europe and we’re all better for it.


Violent antisocial views incompatible with our society is not protected as free speech. Also Twitter is a private platform and they can define almost any term of service they want. Does that mean they lose your respect for “censorship”? I don’t think they need your kind of respect if what is required is to tolerate every possible viewpoint, even the destructive ones.


Add mine. My maternal grandfather did so in the Europe theater. My paternal grandfather did so the Pacific (not Nazis…but allies of said same).


Yes, same, but it was my paternal in Europe and maternal in the pacific (who even lied about his age to get into the Navy and it took them a year to figure that out).

All our gramps and Dad would be pissed at the rise of nazis after killing nazis.


I might add: some had family who were Nazis. First-hand immediate family knowledge indeed. And ESPECIALLY because of that knowledge very staunch supporters of Wehret den Anfängen, following the promise Nie wieder!

ETA: the hometown of my family was reduced to rubble, nearly all of it. I am really greatful that the cathedral was spared, unlike in Dresden. But the reconstruction of the Dresden Frauenkirche was a mistake. I would burn it down again, and I would reduce Cologne to rubble again and the Cologne cathedral with it to stop Nazis becoming great again.

All who fought the Nazis have my thanks. Those who allow neo-Nazis to spread their propaganda, be damned.