I like these black facemasks

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The link is broken (copy pasta?)

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They’re pretty pricey. 3x what other masks go for.

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Coincidentally, that’s what I’m having for dinner. (Isn’t that what rotini means?)

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Accept no substitute!


I misread the title and though blackface masks… I was thinking BB cant be serious to promote that… a second glance at the title resolved that misunderstanding… :flushed:


Only if you are comparing them to surgical masks - which you shouldn’t be wearing any more because they leak so much.

These are $1.23 each, which is fair for respirator grade masks. But I’m wary of buying respirators on Amazon because Amazon has a huge problem with counterfeits in their supply chain, and there is a huge problem with counterfeit KN95s. If your standard is 40 cents per mask then I’d say your standards are too low.

For not much more, you can buy actual 3M N95s from Lowes, or from other reputable suppliers who buy directly from 3M. The N95s may have valves that need to be taped over, but 3M has very efficient filter media and it’s likely much easier to breath through a 3M N95 than one of these KN95s. And easier to breath through means less chance of bypass, where the air goes around the filter media at the edges rather than through it.

The best source of tested information on specific makes and models of filtering facepiece respirators for consumers is probably engineer Arron Collins YouTube Channel. He tests mask performance with his aerosol particle counter. He probably thought the need for his videos was over, but no such luck.

I’d suggest Korean KF94s over KN95s as having better supply chains and less counterfeiting. Collins provides links to his suppliers, with no affiliate marking links/conflicts of interest.


I’m speaking of KN95 masks, not surgical masks. If you’re paying $0.40 for surgical masks, you’re paying way too much. But you shouldn’t as you shouldn’t use them.

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I’m gonna stick with N95s myself and KF94s through reliable supply chains. If you are sure that your 40 cent KN95s are genuine, then more power too you. The lowest prices I’ve found that I trusted to likely be genuine in relatively reasonable quantities was 50 cents per KN95 mask but I decided it really wasn’t something I’m willing to cheap out on.

I’ve gotten rid of both the counterfeit KN95s I had from early in the pandemic (the “FDA” stamped on them clearly indicated counterfeit since the FDA does not allow “FDA” to be printed on masks) and the genuine ones with head straps that were sourced through Lowes as respirator grade masks began to become available again. I find that the bifold design is not a good fit for my face, which was also an issue when hospitals turned to KN95s early in the pandemic, they often failed the OSHA required fit testing, much more so than the N95s they were substituting for.


It redirects me to this:

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Harbor Freight has black and white K95 for a good price without buying by the dozen.

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Do the black masks get hot in the sun? I know we don’t really need KN95s outdoors, but that’s the reason I’ve been sticking to neutral grays.

I read it right, but saw how easily it could be seen as blackface masks.

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I have about 20 of them to keep my goth health in check. I’ll probably buy more.


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