Get a 2-pack of these statement face masks for just $18

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For the nihilist:

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Nice idea, but a bit on the expensive side.

Who wants to wear a boring plain white N95 mask anyway?

Answer: No one.

Citation please. I’m certain someone, somewhere does.


This statement is more up my alley:


I do, when for some reason I don’t want to scare people with N100 mask :slight_smile:


Who wants to wear a boring plain white N95 mask anyway? Answer: No one.

Oh just get fucked.

People are dying by the thousands, and BB’s posting “don’t be that lame-o with boring PPE.”

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Can I get a mask in bright blue that has the words

Make America Healthy Again


I can’t emphasize just how offensive that is. Respirator masks, properly used, can be both PPE and source control masks. Using less effective, non-rated cloth masks as source control masks rather than N95 respirator masks is a compromise due to lack of resources, not something to brag about.

What’s next on BBS? A pitch for Hydroxychloroquine? “Who wants to take a boring vaccine anyway? Answer: No one.” ? :unamused:


Most N95 respirators I’ve seen have an outlet valve. Wouldn’t that make them significantly less effective for source control?

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That’s just one kind of N95. It’s an optional feature of non-medical N95 masks, which people have pressed into service because that is what they had at home or at work for protection from dust, fire smoke and whatnot before all the N95s sold out and they couldn’t get any other kind.

However, properly fitted N95s do make it harder to breathe. That’s a consequence of the higher filtration and tight fit. So they aren’t appropriate for everyone or all situations. But not because they are “boring”. We don’t decide on what measures are life saving in a pandemic based on whether they are “boring” or not.

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I freaking love you for making that suggestion and am sad that this is the first time i have seen this suggestion.

C’mon! It needs to happen.


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