Your face mask is you so it better say something and maybe these 20 masks will speak to (and for) you

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The ones with valves say, “I don’t keep up with why we wear these things.”, or " I want to protect myself from you, but not you from me". They don’t meet CDC guidelines.


Bought some from Ministry of Supplies… eyewateringly expensive but they donate to frontline health pros and was highly recommended.

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My N95 one says “I’m basic, but offer more protection.”

My black one say, “Im a Ninja”.

With a my hoodie it says:

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Attention math nerds and humans who are fans of number-y data-things:

She’s apparently out of stock right now, but Navajo Artist, Beadworker, Classical Pianist Hadahiili Yazhi makes reusable, washable face masks for sale on Etsy and wow just check out her mission:

Welcome to my shop, friends; thank you for visiting! For every mask sold, one will be donated to the Navajo Nation where the need is dire. We will also be donating 25% of the proceeds to the Navajo/Hopi Covid Relief Fund, the rest is used for more materials. Dinétah has the third highest infection rate per capita in the country (behind New York and New Jersey).


The sequined mask is not a great idea. If it cannot be washed in hot water, it should at least be efficiently sanitizable, and all those little different surfaces make that difficult to do.


It just occurred to me that I want a Rorschach one complete with the continually
changing black bit.


The one that leaves the end of ones nose naked
probably isn’t the best idea either.


I can’t be the only one who thought when this all started “great, now something else for which people will judge your outward appearance”


The boingboing shop: jumping sharks since march 2020


Sequins --> Microplastics.


Nah, we have too many “tough-on-crime” fascists out there already.


I really don’t like how 1 of the ~5 black models is surrounded by “pollution” that looks like tear gas, and 1 other one is the only animal face mask print.

but perhaps i’m reading into it too far.

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I would use some of the graphics that the New Zealand government used for the Covid-19 response:


That’s exactly what will keep them from coughing on me.
That and that they love the hell out of mixed messages.

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We bought a couple of masks from batzilla on YouTube. Perhaps a touch overpriced, but only because the profits go to the care of rescued bats (a project which is woefully underfunded! Like bees, bats are pollinators.) My mask has a sprinkling of tiny stylized bats on a blue field. Hers is entirely taken up with a bat’s face. (Squeak for me, baby!) :bat:


So is this claim I’m seeing around true? @docosc?

Can’t find info on Snopes or elsewhere…

A version:

:warning:Be careful HEALTHY people, shared from a friend…

My daughter. 19 yrs old. Healthy. Frontline worker at a huge grocery store chain. Started feeling sick about two weeks ago. Side and back pain. Nausea… Chest pain. Primary doc sent her for chest x-ray… Something “lit up” on right side. Sent for MRI. Cat scan. Ultra sound of back and abdomen areas…NOTHING… While at work was unable to breathe. Chest pain. Rushed to e.r. quarantined. Tested for covid. Young. By herself because no one can be with her. Turns out its pleurisy… An inflection of the outside of the lining of the lungs. They basically tell her… It’s because she has been wearing a mask for over 8 hours a day 5-6 days a week. Breathing in her own bacteria. Carbon dioxide… Caused an infection. And now she is in severe pain. Has to be off work with no pay… But you wont see that on social media! She’s 19. Healthy. And now is bed bound and struggling to breathe. Antibiotics. Steroids. Breathing treatments.

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The doctors in my family say this is bunk. Surgeons, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals have been wearing masks for hours and hours at a time for over a century and this was never a major issue for them.


Despite that having all the hallmarks of a hoax/FUD post, there are some things…

  1. Masks should be changed out more than once every 8 hours.

  2. Masks should either be disposed of (paper) or thoroughly washed and dried (cloth) between uses.

  3. Masks should never be taken off (even briefly!) and put back on again.

Note: all of these are in ideal circumstances. That you have enough PPE to swap out and change.

Overall, though, just on the basis of it (a friend of a friend, no real details) I am going to say hoax. Better to wear one than not.