I love this wicked music video for the Residents song "Picnic Boy"

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Not very well-known fact about “Picnic Boy” - the vocals are provided by a pre-fame Lene Lovich. And if you don’t know who that is, check her out and thank me later.


I most highly recco the 2015 film Theory of Obscurity: A Film About The Residents. More absorbing than even the finest chamois, and a beautifully made, loving tribute.

The Residents’ Commercial DVD came out in 2004. The Residents invited many filmmakers to create vids for most of the songs on The Commercial Album, and the group made the rest themselves. It is an even more surreal experience than one would expect.

I am more than grateful I was able to see them perform twice! I caught their 13th Anniversary Tour ('85 or '86) at the Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor, and at Detroit’s Majestic Theatre (a much more intimate venue) when Demons Dance Alone came out in '02.

We arrived a little late to the Michigan Theatre show, and when we came in, they were playing Jailhouse Rock! The singer wore no mask for that show, and many camera flashes went off near the stage. They had a pair of excellent dancers wearing solid black bodysuits which also covered their faces, and they carried those orange plastic worklights what you can hang inside the hood/bonnet while doing car repairs. They took part in most of the show.

They had a superb dancer - encostumed like the demon on the cover - join them for Demons Dance Alone, and he was onstage several times during the show. He disappeared during one song, only to suddenly reappear in the audience. My eyes are gen’ly closed when I dance, so the dancer tapped me on the shoulder and stuck his face right up to mine. I laughed and we danced together for the rest of the song, much to the amusement of all around us. I met Hardy Fox after the show, and profusely thanked him for all the joy and weirdness of their work. I even got to hug him twice (w/permission of course) when we ran into each other at the Majestic’s bar afterwards.

It gives me great pleasure that I can say I’ve danced with a devil in the pale moonlight.


I saw the Cube-E show (‘89?) in Chicago and it was


All black light, dancers, glowing props. Act one was cowboy songs around a glow stick campfire, act two was mutated gospel that ended in a glowing crucifixion, and act 3 was “the story of the baby king” - Elvis.


Fantastic. This is a wonderful thing.


Too fucking cool!!! :smiley:

The 13th Anniversary show had lotsa black light stuff, too. I’ve always loved that.


Well, that certainly took a turn for the dark there. I liked, “Suspicious Looking Cat in a Flying Car”.


I thank you now! Who knew that there could be a connection between Emerson, Lake & Palmer and The Residents. (via The Crazy World of Arthur Brown)


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