I prefer Gum Soft-Picks to flossing

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Better living through disposable plastic!


Well good for you


Help me understand how this is different from any other form of non-expert misinformation relevant to health?

Also, I think if it hurts to floss, it’s an indication you have gum disease, therefor an indication you’re not doing it often enough. But I’m not an expert.


Who had, “fill the oceans with plastic” on their bingo card?


All of the above + while I like them (prefer them, really!) my dentist decidedly doesn’t. Eventually you get a clean spot/hole at the bottom of the crevice and no cleaning along the edge of the tooth. I’ve moved on to the water jet as suggested in a previous conversation here.


this content makes me feel weird


I find the regular straight gum pics to be too hard to get in between the back teeth. And easy to break accidentally. I prefer the “advanced” (and unfortunately more wasteful) version that are curved and easy to angle in between teeth in the back.

However, I’m not sure that they are a valid substitute for flossing because they don’t reach down below the gum line and are, perhaps, better considered an adjunct.

These posts by Mark really depress me. Is BoingBoing now about peddling unnecessary plastic junk that clog up our oceans? BoingBoing, you can be classier than this.

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I like that Mark likes gadgets and likes to share the ones he likes. But there are times when some of his Amazon affiliate link posts seem kind of pro forma, especially when he just repeats them.

(Of course, my own reaction to the post this time was pretty much the same as it was last time, even though I had completely forgotten Mark ever posted about this before.)


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