BrushPicks toothpicks keep your teeth clean


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Flossing is bullshit

I like the GUM Proxabrush. They’re fantastically convenient. It seems like there are a bazillion little plastic doodads out there that promise to finally be the winning alternative to dental floss that you will finally start using regularly, but this is the first that may have actually lived up to its promise. Sure beats idly prodding away with my mechanical pencil.


I’ll just add that my lower teeth are very “kerned” and it’s always been hard to floss. These nylon BrushPicks work great for me without bending up like Stimudents or shredding like floss. They have a really great extra benefit: you can use them one handed, so they are super easy to use when driving or watching TV (alone). They provide excellent gum stimulation. My dental hygienists were amazed at how well my gums and teeth are now! Doctor’s BrushPicks are my favorite Cool Tool “pick.” (you can also get generic versions of this pic at Rite Aid)


I hear Brawndo also has what plants crave.


Or for 20 cents more, you can get a pack of 275, rather than three 15-packs.


I like The Doctor’s BrushPicks from Giant. A two-dispenser pack is a couple of dollars. One reason I like BrushPicks is that they are a fairly innocuous way to floss.


How often do those last? Pack of eight seems to imply one a week maybe?


If you’ve never tried brush picks, do your gums a favour. I started using them a couple of years ago at the insistence of my dental hygienist. Within 3 months my gums had gone from bleeding to pink and healthy. I swear by these things.


A week, maybe more – I suspect I’m using them longer than I should (i.e. until the wire twists enough that it finally breaks). They are also getting so increasingly scattered (One in the bedroom! One in the bathroom! One at the desk! One in the pocket! One in the other pocket!) that I’m starting to lose track of how long individual ones last.


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