An extremely handy set of stainless steel dental tools for home

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I have a kit. But I don’t use it on my teeth. I have used it to clean gunk out of stuff, including carbon build up on bolts and 1800 years of grime on Roman coins.


Does it have a real mirror or a piece of tin foil?

I had some, broke those, need more.
Thanks for posting something I actually use.

Though not ideal to do, I use them on my teeth to stretch out the time between teethcleanings at the dentist’s. Between lame health insurance that doesn’t cover dental, pandemics, and trying to pay bills, using these tools (assuming they are professional grade) has helped me quite a bit over the years.

And yeah, useful if you are tryna clean weird tiny stuff.


Personal dental care tips that turned around my dental health:

Waterpik if you hate flossing.

Good electric toothbrush like a sonic care.


Is it safe?


Got the Waterpik and amazed that even my husband has managed to use it regularly (yay!).

The electric toothbrush… is… not yet a priority. But I hear you.


But, are they safe?

(trigger warnings galore)


I had one of those cheap spin brushes that I guess was meh. My dentist gave me a sonic care after I had done a deep clean where they numb half your face and then come back a week later for the 2nd half.

They really do make a difference. And with your husband, you can both use it - just swap the removable heads. No need for 2.

I was in the boat of no insurance, fear of the dentist, and general malaise. But when I decided I had to do something - mainly because I could SEE a cavity - the waterpik and new brush have been a godsend. Granted not perfect as I have had a few cavities since, but my gum health has been a 180 and my hygienist has been super supportive and impressed at my turn around.

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Came here to ask the same thing. Does the kit come with clove oil? Edit–just saw Generic Name’s post.


That’s the premium kit, $25 more. The deluxe kit comes with a home lobotomy kit to make you forget how stupid it is to practice home dentistry.

I’m all for learning to take care of yourself, but other than picking stuff out of your teeth don’t use this kit to attempt an actual dental cleaning.


A dental tool collection isn’t complete without a dremel.


Relax, the apocalypse is coming soon enough. We’ll all be getting our teeth “fixed” in Bartertown with Dremels and epoxy resin, those of us that survive anyway.


Pretty sure I could find all sorts of uses for a set of these, poking around in my mouth with them doesn’t show on the list. I find bamboo cocktail sticks prove perfectly adequate for poking out bits of fibrous food stuck in my teeth.

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You can cause damage to your gums and tooth surfaces if you do not use dental tools properly. Also, there’s a reason why your dentist polishes your teeth after scraping them down.

Home dental tools: Great for removing errant popcorn bits. Probably not so great for subgingival scaling if you’re not properly trained.


I was sure you needed training to use these things.

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Thanks for this (hard-won!) contribution. Your experiences are part of that real-life, actionable info that means the difference in my life between results, and a waste of time and money (neither of which I have much to spare).

I got the Waterpik last time I was at the dentist’s, at their recommendation.

The harder part is getting our college kid to do half the dental care we’re doing as impecunious parental units.

Maybe I can get him one of these (as a test drive, if he goes for it, we can scale up):

because he sure as heck ain’t doing minimum daily due diligence (brush, floss) as a college kid. He has yet to really grok that deferred health maintenance gets to be very expensive. I can only hope that he is fully employed with good health benefits before the crap hits the windmill.


Home Dentistry! Only takes a ton and a half of self-confidence.


Aren’t these the exact tools that dentists tell you to never ever try poke around in your mouth yourself with? Because of the severe injury you can do?

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