I put some Doom in your Doom so you can Doom while you Doom


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All I wanna do is doom-a-doom-doom and a boom-boom…


Now, does the version of Doom installed inside Doom also have the playable version of Doom in it? And so on?

TurtlesDoom all the way down.


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Yo dawg…


Off topic, but my curiosity was piqued: The yo dawg meme is 8 years old.


What’s the point, unless you can play Doom inside of Doom inside of Doom inside of Doom inside of…


And yet pimp my ride is 11. Some jokes take time I suppose.


It took some time to reach full cultural saturation, and get to the point where it was fully mockable. :slight_smile:


Oh it was fully mockable from day one. It just took time for memes to become common net currency.


I guess when I say “fully mockable” I mean “well known enough to be worth mocking on a widespread basis”.


Mortal Kombat, too!



Xzibit is dead? Nobody tells me shit.


The kicker? It’s all really being done inside of a turing-complete dwarf-fortress setup.


Recursive Dooming is thirsty work. Fortunately:

QC Wiki


Quite a nice sim you’ve got running there. Almost had me believing you were real.


Th-th-THIS is just sloppy wo[belch]rkmanship!


FOOLS! Did you think Doom could defeat Doom so easily? Doom can play any number of games of Doom within Doom!