I used Prague Powder to make corned beef



That second link. THAT RIGHT THERE

I bake it in a Dutch oven myself. And that’s also how I eat it. Mornings with earl grey tea and milk and some cheese and mustard.


When I am willing to take the carbs I will bake a loaf and it’ll be what I eat for days. Cheese and or butter.


I started a real sourdough start a few months back…doing the same thing with small sourdough breads.


Right now I’m on a bread-avoidance rye-crispbread diet but one day when I can’t stand it anymore I will be making your recipe.


In my case, and many others, any nitrite is too much. It’s a common food allergy, and often goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for quite a while.



I remember when I was 12, one of my parents (for unknown reasons) bought a can of celery soda. When some time had gone by and no one drank it, I asked if I could have it – I was very curious to learn what celery soda tasted like. I couldn’t possibly imagine! I mean, celery soda?! So, I drank it. To the contrary, I could’ve imagined what it tasted like: it tasted exactly like celery soda.


Luckily most people don’t know how to detonate sticks of Slim Jims.


I realized this year that I can no longer cook corned beef. I like okay- I had some nice hash for breakfast. But if I’ve got a fresh hunk of brisket, there are so many tastier things I could do with it.


I am a fan of Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray Tonic


That may be the funniest thing I’ve ever read.

Bravo, sir. Bravo.


Didn’t the mythbusters actually try to make a salami rocket?


I was tempted to flag your comment for violating the common sense rule that if you mention making some awesome dish, you must post the recipe! But that I could find that violation in the rules.

No need though… a quick Google search turns up lots of recipes for Schwartz’s recipe. Do you use one of these?

I don’t live in Montreal. Any time I’m passing by I make a stop at Schwartz’s or Ben’s. Once I was travelling from Trois Reviere to make it home (Central Ontario) for my 10th wedding anniversary, made the detour for a sandwich & pickle, and purchased a large jar of pickles and 5 lbs of meat (my wife loves both and was not travelling with me). To this day we refer to this as our “Pickle Anniversary”.

Dammit, now I’m hungry.


You might try this place in Thornhill ON:



Caplansky’s is also good. Any of the recipes online are all minor variations on a theme so pick one and run with it. We soak ours in a brine made up Montreal steak spice (there are various recipes or you can buy a big honking bag of it at the St. Lawrence Market, brown sugar, kosher salt and prague powder. Before smoking it we coat the whole thing with more Montreal steak spice to give it a nice crust. Now I’m hungry too.


Regardless of the risk and percentages, I’d avoid both cured foods and cigarettes. The nasty thing is that colon and lung cancer does not kill fast…from the diagnosis by the time of death you’ll have a decade to suffer and regret your indulgences. Saw it too many times.
Also, “but they said it increases the risk only by 1%!” said nobody ever on their deathbed.


Tangentially related… but this list of “Irish” cocktails seem to have very few types of alcohol of Irish tradition…

So, it’s “green = Irish”… :expressionless:


“Prague Powder” sounds like some sort of horrible euphemism from either the first or second World War.


The American conception of Irish food basically boils down to foods that are green, foods that are potato based, and put Guiness in it.