I wonder why no-one else made "Ultimate Gay Fighter" yet


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So they’re overwhelmingly male, the one bisexual is a knockout blonde, and transgender people are only sort of represented by a drag queen. (I think.) Yep. I’ve watched it seven times now and I’m still looking for anything that could be even remotely controversial.


Will Bridget be making a special guest appearance?

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How can you know for sure?

Why? Because He-Man is both the most butch and the most homosexual fighter/barbarian in existaince and it was made in the 80’s.


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Good point. I should have said “transgender people appear to be only sort of represented by a drag queen”. It highlights something that I know is a thorny issue for some transgender people: how do they represent themselves when a sort of invisibility is their goal? Although even the ones who want to be visible often feel compelled to hide because of concerns about their safety.


Oh look, the Bisexual is a bar slut. The media needs to hurry up and make bisexuals more visible so we can get a wider variety of stereotypes. (Not that the game seems to let Lesbians have more than one stereotype…)


Even the “butch” looks like more of a soft butch to me; none of the diesel dykes that I’ve known would wear a belly shirt. My guess is that most of these were done for yet another generic SF knockoff and repurposed for this as a way of using up the models and maybe getting a few extra downloads by pre-outraged people.

What’s sad is the stereotyping is just boring and adds no character to the single defining characteristic of the characters.

That’s more to give her sex appear to the bros they want to sell this to.

I think I know who the last boss is:


Do you seriously think he could take The Jesus? Nobody fucks with The Jesus.


The website calls it “THE FIRST EVER GAY VIDEO GAME…EVER!!!” which makes me think the entire thing is a joke. Because we live in a world where Cho Aniki is a long-standing franchise.

I can get into anything with a GK soundtrack - especially when they’re screwing around with pop stuff. There used to be a site for Japanese fans that translated the English-to-Catalan lyrics into Japanese, and then back into English again. It was hilarious!

This? - it’s a streetfighter game. Call me when they make one that isn’t populated by freakishly stereotyped cartoon characters, and I’ll predict its abject commercial failure. Serious = blehhhh.

I’m bisexual and a bar slut.

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Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for stereotyping yourself?

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Oh, I’m not denying bisexual bar sluts exist! I’m just sure there are more varieties of bisexual out there. If I were to stereotype my own bisexual self, I’d have to add in my polyamory and be “The Aunt.” My super powers involve babysitting all day long, and still having energy for a threesome after the kids are tucked in. Of course, I’m not sure how useful that would be in a battle arena…

Simple: Whether fighting a man or woman, we have no trouble goin’ for teh 'nads.

Eh, I am not terribly pissed. The stereotypes are more or less all internal stereotypes. If you are not okay with the gay, “bear” and “twink” probably means nothing to you. Hell, even if you are okay with the gay, unless you are gay or actively have gay friends and live in a city bug enough to have a gay community, most of those stereotypes are probably borderline meaningless.

Chris Rock poking fun at black stereotypes is okay. It is done with the acknowledgement that these are stereotypes. It is however very much not okay for my racist brother in law to spew black stereotypes at me. I guess my point is that context matters.

Maybe the Threesome could become your gaytality.