Ian Curtis on a rollercoaster


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Most humorous


Dad pls


That’s a lot funnier than it should be.


Sure beats Ian Curtis on a piano wire.


Roflcopters^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hcoasters! Thanks for the laugh.

You should do Andrew Eldritch (Sisters of Mercy). Maybe the “Wooooaaaaaaaa” at 5:40 in this great Stones cover





Oh hey, it’s The Beast!


I’m not sure I’d want to ride that; I’d be afraid of time travel.


Too soon. Too soon.


This link does not work - goes to 404 / NOPE BOING BOING. This makes 3 broken links in 2 days on my favorite blog - maybe there’s a problem with my VPN or somepin. Seems like others were able to view it though!


Try changing the URL from http to https.

There’s currently a problem with Rob’s posts.


Sounds like he’s a bit insecure.


Not at all. He’s in safe hands.


Are all his Ss in the safe in his house that he has yet to get opened?


No, THIS is the lowest and cheapest Ian Curtis joke…


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