Stephen Colbert made a text adventure about getting locked in a closet


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This whole centaur thing is really weirded me out after reading a comment on another network.

It was something along the lines of having to imagine how weird an fresh-born centaur would be.

Like an infant baby’s upper body would be on top of a foal’s thoracic cavity with these stilt-legs all jumping and bouncing while the human-part would be like a floppy slinky toy.

It just wouldn’t work.


That was 10 minutes well-killed.


Yep, 10m on the dot, but you could probably do it quicker if you keep in mind the game is action-oriented. Most non-forward answers just kill you. Easy restart though, so it’s cool.


Stephen Colbert has obviously re-invented late nite TV before even starting the actual show. Pretty neat trick :slight_smile:


You know, someone went ahead and drew that for you


Oh what you don’t like centaurs?


The problem with this photo … like artillery … is the third wave.


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