Stephen Colbert tries on some new faces for his new The Late Show job

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The Wolverine looks good on him.

And the hair-covered hot dog was icky.

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I can’t believe he didn’t eat the hot dog at the end.

Off-topic: is anyone else annoyed when someone is speaking at the camera, and it switches to camera 2 but they keep speaking at camera 1? e.g. at 26s in the video above. I know it’s a thing — I mostly see it in well-produced KickStarter videos where they can afford two cameras and the same guitar-plinky music as everyone else — but it means he’s no longer speaking to me, but to a camera. When, later, he looks at camera 2 and speaks to it, that makes sense to me.

I hate that!
Especially if it’s handheld and moving around. 2 cameras on one person is so pretentious.

Given the cost and ubiquity of today’s camera, I’d say not so anymore.

I though that the first podcast episode was much more enjoyable to listen to than this beard video. Maybe it was because it was off the cuff conversation rather than scripted jokes by himself. A few times it sounded like he was waiting for the audience laughter (like the script said, insert laugh track here) which made it more awkward than funny. The way he was speaking in the beard video was different too, like he was still in STEPHEN COLBERT character mode. Hopefully he’ll quickly find the voice of the show and it will sound more natural.

I’m not too optimistic that the Late Show will be as worthwhile to watch as his Comedy Central show; conventional late-night network shows have a vanilla comedic value because of the need to keep ratings up.

I’m sure the first cable-news controversy to come will neuter the writers even further.

Ready to play Gandalf in the inevitable Lord of the Rings reboot.

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