CBS: Stephen Colbert Will Take Over Letterman’s ‘Late Show’


Don’t know how to feel about this. Love Colbert Report and would love to see late night format move away from the monologue then 2 guests and a song format but will they? Also will Comedy launch a new comedy that mocks the right wing?


But which Colbert will take over from Letterman ? The fake Colbert or the real Colbert ?
Probably the real one. That is not good news . I am gonna miss my favorite tv character.


I sure hope that this witless humorless,sexist,racist social justice warrior has not caused this draining the colbert of colbert.

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Suey Park won!


Yea, I will as well. He’s amazing, the show keeps getting better and better.
What I hope is that they can pull Oliver back to CC and give him the slot after the Daily Show.


Oliver taking over for Colbert would be awesome. As long as he can establish his own direction for the show, which could be tricky, another ‘daily show’ wouldn’t work and he’s definitely not the Colbert brand of satire. Daily show and Colbert were two complimentary sides of the same coin. as Colbert put it (paraphrase) one comedically deconstructs the news while the other satirically reconstructs it.


In the old days you toured the clubs, you developed a solid six minutes, you did Letterman, you got a sitcom.

So is the new formula write for Comedy Central, get a show, become Letterman?


Am I happy that Stephen Colbert is taking over for Letterman (instead of, say, Howard Stern), or sad that there will be no more Colbert Report?

Stephen would tell me how to feel.


Wørd up!


I sort of wonder if O’Reilly getting reilled up has more to do with the shift than #CancelColbert.

What I really like about the Report is that it’s so neatly condensed into twenty-two minutes. In my book, that makes it ideal for streaming at late night. A show with twice the length just doesn’t have the same appeal.

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This video appeals to me because the obvious solution to groundless accusations of racism is actual racism.



I’m gonna go with the larger paycheck and larger potential viewership…


Perhaps he will go with his old look in an effort to shake his character…


Colbert (as the Bill O’Reilly parody) is a groundbreaking legend.

I just don’t see what Colbert (as late night host) can add to the genre. What can Colbert add or subtract from this formula:

Introduction by loud sidekick announcer. Welcome audience and give 4 minutes of standup. Banter with audience and sidekick. Sit down. First skit or setup. Advertisement. First guest. Advertisement. Second guest. Second skit or setup. Advertisement. Optional: Third guest or Guest band who plays the show out.

As a cautionary tale, for anyone doesn’t remember, Jay Leno was a pretty good comedian before he sold his soul, got the Tonight Show, and turned into the immensely rich, disgustingly anodyne performer we see today.



I sort of hope they just make the daily show an hour long and have Jon do the first two news segments and then hand it off for several segments and then come back at the end of the hour for a thoughtful interview.


Hmmm…this is a risky move for Colbert. His “interviews” on the Report come with prepared jokes.

Will be skip the traditional monologue? He’s doing the daily news now, but he’s doing it in character. Will he try to cover the same ground? in what format?

In 1999 Jon Stewart replaced Craig Kilborn on The Daily Show, and I thought Kilborn was irreplaceable.


I could see Rob Riggle taking over for Colbert as the big shouty stupid wingnut talk show host.


Ah yes, because nothing helps your argument that Colbert’s joke wasn’t racist quite as well as a video that’s racist as all hell.


I’ll leave this here in case Stephen Colbert and/or his writers have their BB Secret Decoder Rings:

If you want to keep the CC Colbert character around, you can always have him visit for segments of Worthy Opponent.