"Enough of elites mocking all of us"

You know who said that?

American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp, who’s married to the director of strategic communications at the White House, who both walked out of the Correspondents Dinner in disgust at what happens there every year like it was some sport of surprise.

Fuuuuck offff. Sif you’re not the actual elite, you fucken spoiled baby.

When Trumpist scum say ‘elite’ they mean ‘adult’.

These filthy, scummy, fucken filth are carrying on like someone oh-so-justifiably saying ‘maybe it’s lies’ is the end of days, in the same breath they mention honouring the first amendment…

Fuck these fucking fucks.


They voted for a guy who lived in the penthouse of a Manhattan skyscraper emblazoned with his name in giant gold letters, but sure—a person who makes a living telling jokes is an “elite.”


So much for liberals/progressives being snowflakes, I guess.

This is pure manufactured outrage.


Try it though. Every time one of these fucking fucks says elite, substitute adult.




I have been waiting for a thread to pop up so I can say how amusing I found Wolf.

Not even as much for the material as the classic annoying comic voice. Like Gilbert Godfrey or Kristin Schaal or Bobcat Goldthwait.


Speak of #fakenews, all this outrage over Wolf making fun of Sanders’ appearance… when there wasn’t a single thing about her looks (the closest thing was a clever makeup joke that even I could understand).

The really funny/sad thing is that Trump didn’t even have the courage to attend the event – instead opting for a campaign rally. Instead he sent in Sanders to be his sacrificial lamb. Anybody that follows politics knows that the WHCD is a roast.

Clearly, Trump and his band of sycophants have no capacity for humor or self-deprecation. This is probably a big reason why the Mooch didn’t last.


I spent about ( admittedly only) 10 minutes trying to find video of Obama getting similarly roasted, to no avail. Does anyone know if, indeed, he or Clinton got similar treatment?

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Pretty much like the VP going to an NFL game, knowing with 99% certainty he would walk out after the National Anthem.


No, because they weren’t garbage people. The closest anyone’s come to Michelle Wolf’s performance is Stephen Colbert’s, where he brought out his Colbert Report persona to truly roast George W. Bush in 2004/2005, long after the post-9/11 goodwill had been sapped by the Iraq War quagmire. Conservative media the next day feigned understanding of the actual point; the headlines were basically “Well I didn’t hear anyone laughing! He wasn’t that funny!” Of course they couldn’t openly acknowledge that Colbert had successfully spoken truth to power (literally) in a way few people had before, so they pretended like the jokes were bad.


This is not going to be a popular opinion, but Clinton is just as credible as a rapist as Trump.

Obama did more policy oriented stuff, but there was material to work with there too.


Obama was the one doing the roasting.


It’s a difference of kind rather than of degree. Obama had personality issues that a comedian could exploit: He could appear as talking down to people, he dithered too much, he was inexperienced. But no one could ever credibly criticize him for discounting wide swaths of the population, or endorsing explicitly racist policies or people, or pathologically lying. I mean, the Trump lying is just on a different order than even “normal” political lies. It’s even about dumb things – and really easily disproven things – like whether the NFL called him to complain about the debate schedule conflicting with football games.

Obama wasn’t cruel. Trump is vindictive and cruel – sometimes just for its own sake, which makes it even worse – in a way I don’t think we’ve seen in a president in a very long time (if ever). That makes the criticism different. It wasn’t light-hearted because Trump’s problems aren’t light-hearted. (And also, Trump seems to lack a sense of humor, especially about himself.)


It’s pretty obviously the first one.

People go for the second because any time there’s even a hint of optics in connection with Huckabee Sanders, they remember a face that looks like it’s been run over by a bus. And I’d like to think nobody’s born that ugly; you have to spend a lifetime acting like a total arsehole to achieve it.

Maybe one day soon, the combination of facial recognition tech, big data and AI will give rise to a sort of neo-phrenology, where it’s revealed what your personality has done to your face.

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It’s like, FFS, anybody that’s watched 5 minutes of Project Runway could get the “smokey eye” joke, and the play on “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline”.


That was a pretty sweet burn Obama laid down on Trump but in retrospect you can clearly see the “I’ll make them pay. I’ll make them ALL pay, THEN we’ll see who’s laughing!” taking shape in Trump’s unamused reaction.


I get that. What I am trying to get at is the question of: is there anything to this idea of media being harsher (in particular at the WHPC dinners)?

How did the first Bush Jr. WHPC dinner fare, for example?

Maybe! The WHPC is a convenient yearly data point which alas I haven’t made a regular habit of watching.

Something that I think casts a light on the comedians invited to speak I read just today:

I.e. There are good reasons why there are very few conservative comedians and on average liberal ones are funnier.


Transparently denying the obvious is a pretty solidly-established foundation of the Trumpist playbook…

See: reality’s left-wing bias.


Not very well – i remember it being quite controversial. The media hated it because Colbert (fully in character) was roasting them as much as he was roasting Bush.

Here’s the whole thing (and goddamn is it amazing and absolutely brutal):