Reporters laugh as Sean Spicer is forced to justify Trump's 'covfefe'


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Al Franken had a wonderful line on this:

Democratic US senator Al Franken, in a CNN interview, joked: “A covfefe is a Yiddish term for ‘I got to go to bed now’.”

I think the real news out of the presser was the White House will no longer take questions on Russia. 17 intelligence agencies agree that Russia meddled in our election. As Maher astutely noted: “they meddled in our election, and what have we done? Nothing!”


Rhymes with pee-pee?


The “This was a coded message understood by the President and a select group of others” tack probably isn’t the best idea when your administration under investigation over the Russian implication

EDIT: Apparently Clinton made that joke earlier today, according to the BBC…


A competent press secretary would have admitted it was a typo and that would have been the end of it. But of course, the spokesman for this regime is a moron, so the story will continue for at least another day.



I just read somewhere that Hillary thought it might have been a coded message to the Russians. LOL


Or he was specifically ordered to go with that painfully obvious lie. Of course, that wouldn’t change the fact that Spicer is hilariously bad at his job.


I usppose that no-one on team Trumphas ever seen The Thick of It, where stupid nonsense like this escalates very rapidly and costs people their jobs.

Maybe he really is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, so they avoid at all costs acknowledging any kind of memory lapse, even if the alternative is a moronic joke that draws attention to an entirely different scandal.


They prefer it to any other story coming out of the Whitehouse.


I have issues with this guy, Maher. Ever since he agreed with Mr. Dog that all pedophile priests need to straiten up is nun pussy.
I think it’s a good show and am tempted to go back to watching. Are you enjoying it?


I can’t believe none of you know what covfefe means. Geez, pick up a book and educate yourselves.


I’m guessing Trump didn’t know how to type in the Cyrillic alphabet on his phone.


Didn’t they just switch him from an Android to an iPhone?


It’s actually Russian for fnord.


It’s not news because it’s not surprising or even out of the ordinary. They’re referring all the questions to their outside council which is what pretty much any white house does when they’re under investigation or when there’s some large scandal going on. It’s the normal and correct thing to do, it keeps Spicer and anyone else out of trouble with lying (intentionally or not) and allows them to focus on what they actually want to do.


Exactly. By what demented reasoning does “the President of the United States uses Twitter to send coded messages to small numbers of people” make for better spin than “hey, the guy’s only human and he made a silly typo”?


I’m pretty sure a competent press secretary would be out of a job the minute he admitted Cheetolini screwed up in even the smallest way possible. Which isn’t to defend Spicer, only to point out that he’s a pustule growing on the side of the Orange Tumor in the Oval Office.


The problem is, it wasn’t just a typo. It was a sentence that suddenly and inexplicably cut off with a typo, unnoticed for many hours. Admitting it’s a typo opens the door to acknowledging something weird was going on with Trump, I suppose - that he tweets while in some weird, semi-conscious state, if nothing else.