Ian McDonald returns to the harshest mistress in Luna: Wolf Moon

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I had my mind blown repeatedly by 2015’s bumper crop of science fiction, but one novel stands out even so: Luna: New Moon, Ian McDonald’s hybrid of Heinlein’s “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” and “The Godfather,” an unlikely and spectacular success of a novel that left me drooling at the thought of a 2017 sequel, which drops today: Luna: Wolf Moon.


Fantastic! I loved this book, real balance of weight and thriller elements to it. I had seen the publication date moved to later in the year (it was March at some stage) so I’m delighted with this and looking forward to my copy arriving.

I heard about it here first. and went back to buy and read more of his work so thanks.

The title the post misstates the title of book. It’s Luna:Wolf Moon.

I have been terribly addicted to McDonald’s Planesrunner series—I’ve been passing the three installments around my family for years. I hope the Luna series will be a welcome interregnum while I await the fourth Planesrunner book.

So Wolf Moon will be a trilogy?


I had this pre-ordered. Loved the first one.


I tried asking him on twitter if there were ever going to be more but didn’t get an answer.


I’ve been meaning to get around to the first one. Cory’s review has bumped it to the top of my rec reading queue.

The first one is a classic. Simultaneously an homage to The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and taking apart it’s assumptions about right-libertarian paradises.

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