Idaho Prisoners Hack Tablets and Steal Nearly a Quarter of a Million Dollars in

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“Steal” “credits” my ass. The prison industrial complex steals the profit from labour, then extorts family and friends for even more money. JPay can go fuck itself. Fuck the prison industtial complex.


Though we only rarely get to read follow-ups in the news, it will be interesting to see whether the bright guy who found the initial weakness in the JPAY system can find another. If the NSA continually gets hacked, it’s hard to believe that some sleazy provider of excess profit prison net services has only one single vulnerability in their code.

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So… a scam to fleece incarcerated people even more than for-profit prisons already do had a big ol’ backfire; who could have seen that one coming?


Charging 35 cents for an email suggests the same sort of casual brutality to both context and convicts that using baseball rules for sentencing does.

SES would run you 10 cents per thousand.

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