Prison inmates built working PCs out of ewaste, networked them, and hid them in a closet ceiling


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What the article doesn’t mention is how they got their gaming fix. My bet is ZDoomGL.

I also wonder if they had strong opinions on text editors.


Prison’s Best LAN Party!




Is anyone else weirdly proud of these guys?


Does this mean the training was successful?


Right, so the effectively slave labor being used to recycle ewaste might require a bit of supervision.

Who would have thought.


Prisoners can be amazingly resourceful. My favorite story in this vein would have to be the glider built by the POWs interned in Colditz.


hmmphhh ! in my day , if an inmate wanted a computer , a visitor brought it to them , baked into a cake ! ( we hid the floppies in the frosting , because they tended to melt while the cake was baking ) and , we liked it like that , we liked it just fine !


Visitor: “I heard you like… raspberry pie” (WINK WINK)
Prisoner: “But this is clearly a sheet cake.”


Its amazing what length inmates will go to for their e-porn fix!


ALWAYS remove the hard drive before getting rid of a computer. ALWAYS. I wonder whether the identity theft was by checking the the hard drives of e-cycled computer for banking information.


Hell yes!

Creativity under trying conditions must be congratulated.


Desperate times call for desperate measures… and by that, I mean ASCII porn.


Its not just effectively. It is straight-up slave labor. The 13th amendment, which outlawed slavery, contains a clause that preserves the peculiar institution for convicted criminals.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.


Yep, i do find it highly amusing that you literally could bake a computer into a cake nowadays :smiley:


Sounds like IT was asleep at the switch, so to speak.

Controlling contraband is hard. Observing that a new system has shown up on one of your ports, and isn’t one of yours? Much less hard.


The execution, yes. The alleged choice of activities once they had them operational, not so much.



My guess is there was some complicity in IT.