Idea for an 'honest' xbox commercial

Have you seen the ‘xbox record that’ commercials? I want a variation of that starts out with gamers recording stuff have the pricing information then cut to a tv-eye-view of someone’s livingroom with someone off screen going ‘xbox, record that.’

Then show the prism logo in with the end of commercial stuff.

Attention getter?

I’d do a several paragraph thing or a full script but wanted to get the idea out for discussion to see if it’d get any traction.

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So long as the voice sounds super echoey and sinister and you can see the gamers in the room not say anything when the ‘voice’ starts to record them.
If you need any help with things and stuff, let me know.

This is more me pitching a concept out rather than intent to create since i have none of the tools, experience, or anybody locally capable of helping with the acting bits.

Just an idea I wanted to share. Feel free to use it if anyone wants.

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