Idea for new feature “someone already posted that”

If a user posts something, the website searches and is like: “sorry, someone has already posted that” or “your first time post of topic x is posted”.


And/or users themselves could conduct that kind of search before posting.


Meh, computers were meant to do this kind of work. I wrote a crontab hook that pulls a script that symbolically links the video code -> video title. You don’t see me doing that 24/7, there’s thousands of entries.


There is a Similar Topics feature that does jyst that. While internet bandwidth and storage isn’t infinite,it is cheap enough that rationing speech has not been necessary.


When replying to a topic, this already happens for links posted earlier in a topic.

And creating a wholly new topic does a pre-emptive search based on the body and title of the topic as you type it.

What else did you have in mind?

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