If cats could file lawsuits



They probably can.

But - why would a cat suing a dog do so in a human court?

Did the cat make the catnip mouse? If it didn’t, then it must have come from elsewhere. So what is the basis for attachment which causes the mouse to “belong” to the cat? And why not another cat? Or the dog?

Perhaps it is only humans who posit having a deep personal relationship with inanimate objects for “reasons”.


Cats as lawyers? I suppose it could work.
The inbuilt cruelty, toying with your prey, and sense of total superiority over everyone else are all things that cats could pick up with a little effort.


I can get you on a technicality with elephant graveyards. There is precedent in the natural world for animals to feel attachment to inanimate objects.


Nopetopus sez “Nope”.


Even better are monkeys for justice.


maybe human lawyers need fur and the ability to purr, too. could be the only way to improve the reputation of this profession

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