Cats stealing dog beds


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Next up we need a video of cats stealing human chairs, because they do that all the damn time. Get up to get a glass of water, come back to a cat curled up in your seat like they’ve been there for hours.


Those are cat beds, that the cats sometimes allow dogs to rest in.


Dogs drool. Cats rule.


My god, that dog at 1:20 is the Edison of dogs. He has invented the potholder!

When I was a kid, we had 3 cats and 2 Sottish Deerhounds (~30" at the shoulder, able to put their front paws on your shoulders while standing on the ground) and the big fat orange cat would always take the bed, sending the poor silly dog off whining to my mom who would have to get up out of bed to physically remove the cat so the silly (bony) dog could sleep.

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I find my cat is fairly quick when he realizes I am going to sit on him.


There is so much 'Daawwww" in this video, words cannot describe.


Hmpph! Video unavailable “due to a copyright claim by Huffington Post”. Did Huffington Post staff really compile that film or are they just being dicks? And even if they did - and I realise a compilation can be copyrightable - aren’t they just being dicks?

On balance, I suspect Huffington Post are being dicks.

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Huffington Post, where all videos start upon landing.

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from the OP

Update: Huh, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Huffington Post.” Looks like this edited compilation of other people’s youtube clips can thereby only be viewed at HuffPo itself.

  • edited compilation
  • other people’s youtube clips

I’m leaning towards “dicks.” or possibly “god damned sons of bitches.”…

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You can embed the HuffPo version. The video will provide a code.


PS for those wondering: Any time something is “no longer available due to a copyright claim from [insert douchebag here]” all you have to do is do a googs for the exact title of the taken down video and you’ll almost always instantly find it.

So if I stick a page back in with Scotch tape, I have to hand over my book to 3M?

Not All of them, but certainly enough that I’ve written more than one unhappy e-mail to them about it. At least the Australian news sites have written code that starts videos playing 5 seconds after I actually start viewing that tab. So I can open a whole bunch of tabs from their front page, and not have to click through them frantically to find the one that’s blaring audio. If us uncultured antipodeans can do it, HuffPo can as well

It never occurred to me people might actually want to see this. It happens at my house pretty much every other night - and that’s only the cases I observe.

My cat’s MO is to rub his head up against the dog, as if affectionately. (Affected affectation?) The dog bears this, like all suffering, with stoic grace. But he soon leaves, and the cat curls up in the warm spot so recently vacated.

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