Puppy wants bed back from cat


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Cat is in a comfy spot that it really likes, it ain’t gonna move.
It may however be up for sharing if the puppy is warm enough.


I think that pup is about to get whacked.


I do like that the cat seems to go ‘hey wait the dragging amuses me, i will just lie here and enjoy that’


and if you watch part 2 the cat finally goes ‘well bored of this now, here have your stupid bed’


I want to believe the puppy just wanted to play tug in which case this is a win-win.

It brings back memories of when we brought home a kitten and introduced it to our dog. For three days the kitten hissed and spit at the dog, who seemed quietly puzzled by this behavior. Finally the kitten collapsed on its back as though saying, “I give up! Do with me what you will!” The dog sniffed his belly then licked his ears.

They were best friends after that.


nah, the puppy won in part 2 because of the SRAD


Nope, the posture on that cat says it’s 100% ready to swipe at the dog. That cat is anything but relaxed… when the cat moves its paw it’s a warning that coming one centimeter closer is gonna get you a face full of claws.


cats are assholes


I do believe that it is a fundamental law that cats will ignore any purchased item that is meant for them (unless that item happens to be a cardboard box) other than a dog bed…


a trait I love in cats (and loathe in humans)



ha ha! Cats rule, dogs drool!

Well… except for my cat… he drools when you pet him…




They’re just trying to tell their humans that their own beds are too small. Most of those shots remind me of ‘cats trapped in circles’


The one exception is if the item is purchased for a kitten, then the lard-arsed big cat will squeeze themselves in…


Cat didn’t want to stay there anyway.


I’m sort of neutral about cats. Don’t have one, don’t want one, but find them fine. But I sure don’t like people that don’t like people that don’t like cats.


The owner should put a magazine on the floor and start reading, or start working on any sort of paperwork. The cat will be all over it in a heartbeat.


That cat is part honey badger.