If Justice Thomas repaid that RV loan, it wasn't with "money"

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a $267k recreational vehicle.

The one he used to support his claim he was just an ordinary salt-of-the-Earth Real American™, different from those bad old elites (you know, the ones with their luxury trips and expensive toys and sweetheart deals). One of the side effects of being a bitter, vindictive conservative is spouting lies within lies, hypocrisy within hypocrisy.

By the way, that price is in 1999 dollars. In today’s dollars that’s $493,700.21, not to mention the lack of opportunity costs he enjoyed over the years. Quite a nice “gift” from a billionaire, no strings attached of course. /s


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Another thing about that price (which he didn’t bother to pay anyway) is that it was a sweetheart deal even if he had paid it. Those cost around $800 grand and up and that one had super low mileage. I mean mileage that would be low for any RV that old but for a bus conversion it’s just unbelievably low. A rig like that would more likely have been in the 350-500 grand range.

In other words, there are so many things wrong with that deal, right from the premise to the start and through to the finish. A sweet sweet deal even if he had to pay, but then it was given to him. And he didn’t list the gift on his taxes, which is felony tax evasion.


BTW, when I said “these thing cost” I meant AT THAT TIME when it was new. Three quarters of a million dollars in the early 1990s.


I am very skeptical that the Thomases really spent even a single night in a Wal-Mart parking lot with that thing.


It is weird that there’s a faux folksiness to the RV, whereas if he’d been given a sports car or a yacht costing a half million, I think it’d even more obviously seem like a bribe. :person_shrugging:


Maybe the circular driveway on the estate of one of the Waltons.

Just more conservative cosplay, like Prince Bush or the Duck Dynasty family or exurbanites with massive pickup trucks parked outside their McMansions.


I’ve been in a Walmart parking lot with several Prevost conversions. But it’s only when they’re on their way to somewhere and the area isn’t conducive to relaxing. Like Gallup NM in the winter. The Prevosts were there on their way to fancy RV resorts and the rest of us were heading to free/low cost BLM camping.

Also, the luxuriousness of these rigs can’t be overstated. Virtually everything is automatic, you have a relatively enormous amount of water and holding tank space, the leveling, TV, satellite antenna, and generator needs are all handled automatically. (The generator is nearly silent because it’s in a lead-lined compartment.) You have 2-3 times the water of your typical large Class A and 4-8 times the battery power. Large residential frig, radiant underfloor heat that eliminates the cycling of hot/cold as well as the noise of the furnace fan (which is loud in a regular rig).


Sounds like these things have roughly the same carbon footprint as a 747


I’d think that when you’re not driving (and other than entertainers and the like most rigs aren’t driven huge distances) it’s actually not bad. You have, or should have, solar and you’re using mostly battery power. Ironically (I have no idea about his rig specifically) expensive rigs are more likely to have things run on electric that in other, esp. older, rigs would run on propane. In a rig like his, using it as he does (spending time in “friend’s” luxury RV resorts and such), there’s a lot more room for excess, but RVs are odd in that they can’t be said to be good for the environment, but they can easily use (other than driving) pretty small amounts of fuel, power, and water.

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I remember seeing an ad for some personal injury practice in a phone book ages ago: “We get you cash justice” was the claim; though I think they were in the business of turning justice into cash rather than the reverse.

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