If Siri existed in the 1980s


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Missed an opportunity:

Change sound card (Y/N)n
Command not recognized.
Change sound card (Y/N)N



One 3.5" diskette? pff.

And where are the manuals?


Needs some copy protection


Apple Future Vision 1987



The 90s-era ending of “Carousel of Progress” at WDW is wondrously dated, but somehow current; the house’s virtual assistant is a dead ringer for Alexa/Siri, and the cheesy looking VR game is honestly not far off from any of the cool hip new VR games out right now.


That brings back (weirdly nostalgic) nightmares.


They even have a flat-panel widescreen TV!



The world wide web did not exist in the 1980’s. Usenet, baby. Usenet.



Oh, imagine the flame wars there could’ve been.




I know the Apple II was a stickler about uppercase, but I’m not so sure about the IBM PC.


That show was so awesome.


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